Kazan and Belgorod need only one hour to win again their opponents. In the fight for the third place in Superleague Novosibirsk met Fakel.



Siberian battle has changed into one team show, Novosibirsk did not allow anything to Fakel. Kazan is still leading Russian Superleague, after the lost with Dynamo in the last round Kazan played at home with 11th Ekaterinburg. Kazan receive 3 points after straight win. Middleblocker of Kazan A. Bogomolov made 6 blocks in this game.

Also second Belgorod gained easy points with Tyumen. 5th Dynamo Moscow won the last six games and did not want to give any points to Iskra Odintsovo. However without Dante Dynamo could not stop good playing Iskra. J. Schops was again the leader of Iskra, German opposite scored 26 points. Yaroslavl and Ufa had to fight hard at home to receive two points from tiebreak.

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