There are so many preconceptions that are associated with volleyball but the truth is this is a really competitive sport. You can actually make so much more money through good volleyball betting than what you initially though. We are faced with many different markets that you can bet on but how can you be sure you are going to develop a really good winning strategy when your focus is on betting on the volleyball games? NetBet Online Casino has some suggestions for you that you can take into account.

The Betting Format

This is the very first thing you will need to take into account. You now have the possibility of betting on various different markets. The formats that are the most popular with volleyball betting at the moment include:

  • 1X2 Volleyball Betting

In this case we are faced with something that is quite similar to what we see with most of the team sports bets. You bet on who wins the game or on a potential draw. If you want to keep things as simple as possible, this is the type of bet that you always want to consider first with volleyball.

  • Volleyball Futures Betting

Futures betting basically means that you predict who is going to win a series or a championship. This is possible with most of the betting operators these days and brings in the possibility to bring in a good income. Even when betting on the favorites you can end up with really good odds.

  • Volleyball Total Sets

The booker will have a set value that is set. You then predict if the number of sets that will be won by a team will be under that amount or over that amount. This is a great way to get a good income with some bets since the winner is not something that will necessarily count. Since we are talking about sets, there is also sets handicap. You handicap a team that is favoured and the perceived bias is countered through this handicap. Handicap sets will be added to the final score and you can decide whether or not a handicap is something you want to take into account with some of the bets.

Betting Competition Guide

Volleyball betting is possible at local and international levels. For instance, you can consider betting on Olympic volleyball or on the World League if this is something you want. Make sure you always think about this since in some of the international competitions you can end up with some bets that are much more likely to be successful.

Bankroll Management Tip

The most important part of volleyball betting is definitely bankroll management. If you often bet on the games that are most likely to go in your favour and you only commit a small part of the bankroll, the possibility of long term success is so much higher. Have patience and always try to learn as much as possible about the teams. This is the edge you need to have with volleyball betting.