After the Regular Phase of the Argentina`s National League finished, the cross-quarter-finals are identified. Buenos Aires United took the first place on the last date.

Marcos Milinkovic team had two tastes in one night, defeating by the third time in this season to the champion Drean Bolívar and steal the number one championship from UPCN hands, to win the second title in its history. The performance of setter Sebastian Firpo (ex Tomis Constanta, Romania) was key to make the opposite Argentina bright. Also important were former captain of the Cuban National Team Ihosvany Hernández and Brazilian André Radtke, on block. With 3-0, Buenos Aires United secured a crossing against theoretically weaker rival, PSM Volley, which highlights attacker Jerome Nicola (ex Numancia).

UPCN had a hard time imposing their game against Carlos Pellegrini Institute, who was fighting to stay at A1 Serie. Finally, thanks to the power of the Czech Kamil Baranek and Colombian Alex Moreno, won the tie break, but there was not enough to hold the tip. Now, will face the squad coached by Jorge Elgueta, Sarmiento Santana Textiles, which play the Venezuelan setter Blanco, middle blocker Alejandro Spajic and Brazilian Joel Dos Santos.

Union Formosa, with the Brazilian striker Rodrigo Gil and Gustavo Scholtis (former Iraklis), failed to Sarmiento but finished third in the tournament. His rival in Quarterfinals will be Boca Juniors. Shock is expected between the opposites Scholtis (Championship best spiker) and Diego Bonini (ex Drac Palma Portol)

King Drean Bolívar star in a attractive series with SOS Villa Maria. The team led by Javier Weber, Luciano De Cecco (former Dynamo Yantar) and Lucas Ocampo (ex Soria Spain) lost 7 games this season and one of them was against the Cordoba´s team, where several boys of Argentine youth team plays as middle blocker Paul Crer and spiker Christian Poglajen.

Carlos Pellegrini Institute (with Jeronimo Bidegain) will play the Play Out and Chubut Volley (Leandro Concina) fell down to A2 league.

1. Buenos Aires United, 52 points (*)
2. UPCN, 52 (*)
3. La Union Formosa, 46 (*)
4. Drean Bolívar, 46 (*)
5. SOS Villa Maria, 45 (*)
6. Boca Rio Uruguay Seguros, 38 (*)
7. Sarmiento Santana Textiles, 38 (*)
8. PSM Volley, 24 (*)
9. Gigantes del Sur, 18
10. Gualeguaychú Pescadores, 15
11. C. Pellegrini Institute, 14 (**)
12. Chubut Volley, 12 (***)

(*) Play Off
(**) Play Out
(***) fell to A2