Volleyball is an international sport with growing engagement and uptake; with this comes many betting opportunities. Online bookmakers take the most volleyball bets on major world competitions such as the Olympics, FIVB World Cup, FIVB World League (men) and FIVB World Grand Prix (women).


There are also numerous domestic volleyball competitions that take place all around the world; you may be surprised to see how many betting markets are available for these smaller competitions.

Increased interest in volleyball

The first game of volleyball was played over 100 years ago at Springfield College, Massachusetts, and since then the sport has gone from strength to strength. Today there are over 800million people worldwide who play volleyball at least once a week.

Much of the increase in the sport can no doubt be attributed to its success and the interest generated by its inclusion in the Olympics; (volleyball was first added to the Olympic Games in 1964).

The sport is actually most popular in Brazil, and it is becoming evermore commericalised. Some giant brand names are now involved on the volleyball front, including Hilton and Mizuno.

In the UK, a Future Talent Pathways map  is now responsible for tracking new players. The idea here is to find and nurture talent from a young age. Once this has been done, those suitable candidates are then moved to the Club England Cadet Network, before moving up to a Club England Junior Academy. The Club England Senior academy is the final port of call before joining the elite status list in the UK. It’s on that list thst you’ll see players trying to emulate the likes of Steve Timmons and Ron van Hagen – both legends of their generation.

Beating the bookies

As the interest in volleyball has grown amongst the public, the interest that bookmakers take in the sport has also increased. Going back a fair few years it was the case that with a little bit of research and background knowledge you could make a quick buck on a volleyball game; this was predominantly down to the fact that the bookmakers knowledge of the sport was so thin. Nowadays it’s not quite so easy, but there are still some strategies that prove fruitful when betting on volleyball.

– When picking an outright winner look for a team that spike well.

– Research form trends

– Ensure that you take a look at the competition rank and

– When betting on set winners, ensure you bet early on to ensure maximum odds

The aforementioned smaller domestic volleyball competitions can still be a great place for the gambler to make a quick win. Although the bookmakers are ‘in the know’ when it comes to the larger competitions such as the Olympics, these smaller competitions can often be slightly overlooked. With some in-depth research and a decent understanding of the game there’s definitely some profit to be made in these markets.

Although volleyball is relatively low-key in the UK, it’s popularity in Brazil, China and the US is growing at a substantial rate of knots. It’s the uptake in these countries that actually make it the 5th most popular sport in the world, and it’s the domestic leagues in these countries that are proving evermore popular with bookmakers today.

In-play betting on volleyball

Due to the quick speed that volleyball is played at the scoring can often be fast paced. Sports that flow at such a speed can often provide some great markets when it comes to betting in play.

The impact of increasing players on volleyball betting

As the sport continues to grow then so do it’s betting markets. It’s now possible to bet on volleyball all year round, this is mainly down to the increasing number of tournaments worldwide.

As the UK develops its programme to find the next elite level players, one should expect the support and popularity to increase – not just in terms of sponsors and prize money, but in terms of volleyball as a betting activity.