Trento did not lose single game at home until the third semifinal with Macerata. Macerata played well and deserved 3:0 victory. Cuneo performed well against Treviso.



Macerata came back from Trento with a 3-0 victory and gets back in the semi-final series. Trento’s dream of reaching V.Day will therefore be postponed at least until Wednesday night and game 4 in Macerata. Trento’s run of 18 consecutive home wins in the league was interrupted thanks to better serving and work at the net from the guests. Vermiglio and co had nothing to lose anymore and imposed their rhythm, while Trento seemed unfazed by the necessity to seal it in 3 games in order to be able to focus on the Champions League. Vermiglio MVP.

Lukasz Zygadlo (Itas Diatec Trentino): “We might have unconsciously been blocked by the need to win this game at all cost to focus on the Champions League. We played a really poor game, especially in dig and at the net, we’ve never been able to stop their attack. We’re disappointed not to have won the third set, in which we were three points ahead but we have to congratulate Macerata”. 

Marko Podrascanin (Lube Banca Marche Macerata): “After Wednesday’s poor performance, we really played with pride. We found our best game and deserved another chance to play in front of our fans. We want to come back here in Trento and to do so we’ll need to serve with the same intensity as tonight”.

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Cuneo clinched game 3 in front of 4700 fans, it will have a chance to seal the semi-final series in Treviso on Wednesday night and go through to the final, which will take place in Bologna on the 9th of May. Cuneo’s strong start (5-0) was too much to deal with for Treviso in the first set. The guests improved in the second set but still made too many mistakes on the serve. Cuneo faded in a tight third set as Treviso got back in it, thanks mainly to Fei (14 points). Treviso was ahead again in the fourth, right until 22-24, but Cuneo did not give up and won it 28-26. Grbic scored 12 points and was named MVP.

Roberto Piazza (Sisley Treviso): “We lacked composure in the fourth, making four mistakes on the counter. If you play like that against Cuneo, you just lose”.

Hubert Henno (Bre Banca Lannutti Cuneo): “We faded in the third but we managed to overcome the difficulty. We found our rhythm again and took the fourth set”.

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