Great news! The best Turkish clubs will be finally able to use 3 foreigners in the Turkish league matches!


On the June 6th, Turkish volleyball federation announced final version of the long-expected foreign players rules for the 2012-2013 season.


The overall 2+1 rule stays, but Turkish teams participating in European cups will have right to use 3 foreigners in Turkish league matches and Turkish league play-off matches played against each other.

This „amendment“ thus goes only for Aroma 1st league (not for Turkish cup) and namely for Fenerbahce, Arkas, Halkbank, Maliye Milli Piyango and Galatasaray in men´s part and Fenerbahce, Eczacibasi, Vakifbank, Galatasaray and TED Kolejiler in women´s part.

This news delighted many, for sure. Coaches, players and club managers. No more pricey world stars watching matches from the stands or from the warm-up areas, no more huge spendings for top players who could play only 2 or 6 matches in season, like Tom Logan, Senna Usic, Fabiana Claudino, Dragana Marinkovic, Christiane Fürst, Olena Ustymenko, Tomislav Coskovic or Rodrigo Quiroga, who for example played only 2 matches for his club Fenerbahce Grundig.

With no need to play with two completely different rosters in Turkish League and in Europe, Turkish teams will have also chance to improve their overall European cups performance.

In Turkish Cup, the 2+1 rule stays the same.

In men´s and women´s 2nd Turkish league, clubs can obtain licence only for 1 foreigner, 3rd league will not allow any foreigner.