Volleyball is the most happening game in sports league and with the World League 2016 one can expect the craze of people towards the game. There are now volleyball crazy fans who bid for the game to earn money by bidding on their favourite player and team.


Australia is the land of volleyball craze fans and they use online methods to bid on games. One such is the Tom Waterhouse which the best online portal for bidding, where fans can find best online odds for volleyball and bid on their favourite game and players.


FIVB is the leading site that provides all the information regarding World League 2016. Moreover, it has also introduced the bidding process. Here is why the FIVB has introduced this process:

The important aspect of FIVB 9 Goals is to “implement competitive, effective and sustainable bidding process” in order to provide host nations an opportunity to build the sport.  However, bidding process is considered as the first step to determine if the organising member has resources and capacity to host the event. The procedure also ensures the level of commitment and guarantees interested parties have access to the information.

What organisers can expect from the game hosted?

For a host nation, the entire World League 2016 tournament is a chance to be the part of the event to be with history. The competitions will be taking place in all manners of venues including unique floating stadium on Hofvijver pond in The Hague during the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships. Every stadium has the capacity to hold more than 50,000 fans.

Let us now check the system of World League 2016:

There are different teams from different nations coming together to take part in 2016. There are different pools in which teams are divided- Pool A to Pool H and which will end up into semi-finals and finals.  There are different countries taking part including- Argentina, Australia, Poland, Canada, Venezuela, Tunisia and many more. There are total 103 matches that will be played in this World League 2016.

Countries are ranked as per FIVB Senior, FIVB U23, FIVB U21 Men/Women and FIVB U19 Boys/Girls. Bettors can place their odds on the best team during the league.