Poland and the USA are committed to face in the World League 2012 Final. Which team will be the best and what team will accede to the Olympics in glory and pronounced self-confidence. If you look in the past, you can conclude that you will know the new Olympic champion today.




The famous Polish poet Wislawa Szymborska wrote: ‘Nothing can happen twice’. However, these words do not refer to the volleyball because gold medalists of the last two Olympic Games (Brazil and the USA) won the World league few weeks before the triumphs respectively in Athens and Beijing. Obviously, not everyone likes the historical curios, it is always worth having this knowledge because you really do not know what could be in the future and how you will explain an eventual victory of some team.

The sunday’s game may be a duel of two young and great wing-spikers Bartosz Kurek and Matthew Anderson. Both could play in Dynamo Moscow, but the American has received a better offer from Kazan, and he will still play against Kurek not only in the national team, but also in the Russian League. During the Final 6, Anderson and Kurek are the best scorers in their teams. The first has scored 48 points, three more than the other one , so one of them may be the best scorer of the finals and perhaps MVP.

Who is the favorite of today’s game? If we would compare the potential of both teams, each player’s skills and level of which presented both teams in all the World League , the answer should be manifest – Poland win. However, sport is unpredictable, hence, it is so beautiful. The USA is playing better and better, so we can be expected an amazing spectacle where flashes of volleyball genius, single digs and extraordinary counter-attacks will decide.

Maybe I am not impartial because I am from Poland, but I think my compatriots will have a reason to celebrate tonight (We, the Poles did not have too many opportunities to show joy during the Euro 2012, so I hope it will be changed for several hours). It is not only my personal view because betting agencies consider Poland gain the victory.

I really hope that there will be judicial mistakes that spoil the semi-final matches because it is not fair when a competition  is finished by an error of Mr. referee…