2013 European Championship Men in Poland and Denmark is coming.Only few days are left and the volleyball world will be shaken up again.

Bulgaria is also taking part in this competition. The Bulgarian Lions will play friendly games in Istanbul before flying to Poland. In the Turkish capital they will meet on the court the hosts –Turkey, a team on a club level and Iran. Tsvetan Sokolov&co won’t come back to Bulgaria before the start of ECH , so this is why the head coach – Camillo Placi gave an interesting press conference about the expectations and the real purposes of the team.

„The most imporant thing to us is to play good. If we play good, we could also win and reach the medals eventually. If we play on a high level , we could qualify among the four  teams which will take part in the fight for the medals. To me Poland, Italy and Russia are the favorites to win the preliminary rounds. Of course, these 3 teams are also favorites for winning the title, but let’s not forget that surprises happen in almost all the championships. Bulgaria could be one. Russia is the biggest favorite in this edition of EuroVolley. But the Russians have only one problem – they have too many strong volleyball players. Our team is now better physically. I am happy that we managed to arrange two friendly games more before the start of EuroVolley. In these games we could use some tactics for our first game in EuroVolley against Czech Republic”.

„I have an idea about the squad of Bulgaria. I still have little time, this is why I will tell the team roster in Mondey evening,”- added Placi

The captain of the Bulgarian national team – Todor Alexiev, also attended  the press conference too.

„We are going to EuroVolley 2013 for a medal, not for the 4th place.We all feel good and it is important to continue on this way. We are not worried about anything before the start of the competition. Only thing that I want is that we lead the play in every single game.

We are already thinking about our first game against Czech Republic. I personally never would go on the volleyball field in order to loose. Sooner or later we will meet all the strong teams. If we’re stronger  than them, we will beat them; if not- we will loose. I think that we don’t have any fear left from Poland. We have won games against them several times in the recent years. If meet them now, we will go out for the win!”.