Dora Horvath talks about her first volleyball experience, favourite teams and biggest hobby in a special interview for


When and where did you start to play volleyball? Could you tell us about your first volleyball experience?
I started when I was 6 years old, for influence of my mom, who was also a volleyball player. The first experience was 4×4 in a under age 10 tournament:)
Your first volleyball experience abroad was in Italy, where you spent several seasons. Could you summarize this period? The best and worst moments?
My first Italian club team was Pavia, I spent 4 years there. I was very young when I got this opportunity (immediately right after high school) it was my first experience in abroad without parenting, but the team was very helpful, they gave me lessons in Italian, etc… They had big plans with me, not only for a short period but for a long time. I got a lot of technical and physical instructions. We can say that they did my first big step in my carrier, set the basics in my game. The best moment was when we won the play-off games in 2008 where we were not the favorites and it was unexpected and a big surprise for all the clubs. I can’t really think of a worst moment, I had ups and downs during the years, but probably if I have to say one specific moment is the one when I had to leave Pavia to make the next step in my carrier.
Was there anything that surprised you in Italy?
I’ve already knew the country, because I spent many vacations with my family there. My mom was also playing one season there so she prepared me.
Do you have any dreams related to where you would like to play in the future?
Since you used the word “dream” I could imagine to play in a club in Budapest and participating in Chamions League:)
Which national team or club do you like the most for the way they are playing?
I like very much the way that the Brazilians are playing. Especially for their technical high quality in difense and attack, and it’s really good to see a famous and professional team playing with joy and unbreakable enthusiasm.
What is the situation in Hungary when it comes to volleyball? It is popular among young people?
Unfortunately the situation is very bad… it’s not popular at all, so that’s why also the younger generation is dying… some people doesn’t even know that volleyball exists.
What is your most memorable volleyball moment? 
When we won the play off games with Pavia in 2008 and when we qualified with the youth national team for the world championship.
What do you like to do most of all except playing volleyball? Your biggest hobby?
I like very much hanging out with my friend in coffee bars reading books, going to concerts and exhibitions, cinema and especially spending time with my boyfriend everywhere:)