Few days before Christmas we continue with our special Christmas interviews!

If you have missed it, we already have questioned Elitsa Vasileva, Robertlandy Simon and Dobriana Rabadzhieva about their Christmas memories or family traditions.

Today we present you the Christmas answers of the Best volleyball player in Czech Republic for 2013, the winner of the Champions League and three times – World Championship, and now the diagonal of VC Dinamo Krasnodar.

Of course, we are talking about Jan Stokr!

Stokr, who has spent most of hes career in Italy, shares only with the readers of VolleyCountry his thoughts about Christmas.  If you want to know how is Stokr going to spend the Holidays this year or what did he wish our reades, just keep on reading the Christmas interview!

–          What does Christmas mean to you?

–          I like Christmas very much since I was boy. It is nice peaceful time, watching TV, eating a lot and then loosing the weight just after holidays. All this with family is making the right Christmas atmosphere.

–          What is your best Christmas memory?

–           My best Christmas memories are from my childhood. There was nothing better than when we had snow and ice during Christmas holiday. We could shorten our waiting for gifts by playing hockey or staying on snow. After that we came pretty cold home and full table of food was waiting for us.

–          How are going to spend the Holidays this year?

–           This year I spend my Christmas with my family in Russia. In Russia Christmas is not celebrated on December 24, but we will do our Christmas as we are used to. Since my family is not with me during season, we plan to spend and enjoy at least these moments.

–          As a professional player, what have you missed the most on  Christmas ?

–           I miss, that as a player, I can not enjoy the Christmas as when I am at home. Last 15 years my Christmas were connected with practices and game on December 26. In Italy many spectators were attending games during winter holidays, so I understand clubs want these games in front of a full hall. But if my Christmas will stay the same as when I am playing now for a bit of time I won’t be angry.

–          Is there a special Christmas tradition in your family that you do every single year?

–           Probably when I was a kid, the things we did were the same with visiting our grand parents. I do not remember anything special. So all the Christmas day was such a nice tradition. I will for sure plan something for future for my son, so he would have nice experiences.

–          Make a Christmas wish to our readers!

–           I wish to all readers to stay with volleycountry and with volleyball too. I wish to volleycountry site a lot of interesting ideas and satisfied readers. And to all volleyball players joy from game without injuries.


VolleyCountry Team also thanks Stokr for the interview and wishes him and his family to stay healthy and to gain joy from the game!  

Translation from Czech: Jiri Popelka

Photo: cev.lu