It seems to me that we made better in block. Additionally, they made more service errors – Jochen Schöps believes that these two elements have helped Resovia Rzeszów to win 3:1 over AZS Politechnika Warszawska.


You gave a very good change, got the MVP award, does that mean that with your health is everything okay?

Jochen Schöps: – It’s better. Today everything worked as it should but I’m not completely healthy. But I practice a lot, I have physiotherapy, strengthening and stretching and I’m happy that in this game could help the team.


This is your second victory over AZS Politechnika Warszawska in this season. What in your opinion this time was the reason for your victory?

– I haven’t seen the statistics but it seems to me that we made better in block. Additionally our rivals made more serve errors giving us easy points. In my opinion, those two elements made ​​the difference in our favor.


Lukas Ticháček said you play badly and every victory should bring you joy. Does that victory over AZS made ​​you feel more self-confident after Polish Cup?

– Of course. After the Polish Cup for the next one or two days each of us was disappointed, not satisfied because we had a great chance to win which we didn’t grab. Sunday night and Monday for every player weren’t easy, but on Tuesday we made a good job. We have gathered together, stayed and keeping together. For sure that lost will be an important lesson to us, we’ll learn from our mistakes and continue to train and being aggressive especially that the Polish Cup is behind us and we can’t change anything now. Now we play in PlusLiga, this is our last destination and we are totally focus on this competition because here everything is open.


Besides the first set in your game we could see a lot of determination and that each point brought you a lot of joy.

– Yes, of course, that we were determined. It was an important game which we wanted to win for the three points. And it was not easy, it was hard to play against Politechnika Warszawska, especially that in the second set it was really close. Anyway I’m very, very glad that we were able to reverse the fortunes of that set in our favor. For us it was also a mental break. And Varsovians had their own problems, they started badly the third set… This, however, is not important, I’m glad that we were able to turn the fortunes of the second set and we won it.


Next week you’ll play with Trefl Gdańsk. Certainly you’ll also want to win this game, especially you still have mathematical chances to take a higher position before the play-offs.

– I’m not a friend of counting points in the table and looking at with who we will play in the quarterfinals. For me it doesn’t matter. Match with Trefl is important to us, we want to win it and take the three points. This will be especially important meeting because of that we want to play our game, caught the proper rhythm. This will be the last, I would say, a test before the playoffs and we just wanted to see where we are as a team and be ready for the latter part of the season.


So it doesn’t matter who you will meet in the playoffs? Because at this moment your rival will be Skra.

– Yes, I know that for now it looks that we are the fourth and Skra is the fifth, so we’ll play together. However, in my opinion that if we want to be the best in the league, we have to play well against every team, and we can’t be afraid of any club. Of course, last year there was a big rivalry between Resovia and Skra, but I believe that neither we should not be afraid of them, nor they of us. These will be normal matches and the team, which will play better in the quarter-finals, will get promotion for the next round. The only thing we should do is to prepare good for the quarter-final matches and to do that we need to continue to train and play a good game against Trefl.