I’m pretty excited, I don’t know what to say – Russell Holmes enjoyed the victory over ZAKSA. – We had a chance to overcome a great team, we wanted to take an advantage playing at home – he added.


It was the first semifinal game and your first victory over ZAKSA. You must be happy because of that.

Russell Holmes:Yes, definitely! Like you said, we’re happy because it’s our first victory against this team. I’m pretty excited, I don’t know what to say… I’m excited that we’ve taken an advantage playing at home. We’ve made a good job, taken an opportunity here, at home to win some matches.


You’ve played especially good in serve putting lot of pressure on ZAKSA. 

– I think it was a big difference compare to last matches, because the matches we lost before – they did really nice job in service. Even in this, in first two sets they’ve served nice too. But they didn’t put a lot of pressure so we did. It gave us lots of block and defence.


How did you motivated yourself before this game? Or maybe the fact you haven’t already defeated ZAKSA in this season was an extra motivation?

– We are a good team that can play at such a high level like ZAKSA, both teams  have a really good players. We’ve said that we need to be more focused. I think it helped us. Of course, the motivation was the fact that this season we haven’t beat them. Anyway it’s play-off. Anything can happen, everyone wants to win, to get a medal. We knew it’s a great chance for us  so we just wanted to take an advantage playing at home, we just stepped on the court with with feeling we can win against nice team.


And you did it. You’ve made a little first step to finals.

– Yes, you know – we played at home, we looked to take an advantage of our home court, of our fans. I think we’re really comfortable playing here, it’s something that gives us confidence. We play with really great fans so I guess it is the first step and we have we just gonna take the next one in the next game.


And the next game you’ll play in two weeks. You’ll have time to take a rest while ZAKSA will be after Champions League Final Four. So maybe it’ll be your little advantage?

– Yes, maybe ZAKSA’s players in this game were already thinking about the Champions League. I don’t know, but I think they definitely knew the importance of that game and they wanted to play their best. When they’ll come back after Champions League, I think they’ll have even bigger motivation to win and we need to play better than this time.


source: siatka.org