Despite the fact that the club season is still in progress and none of European leagues have not been finished yet, however, it is the most intensive period for volleyball managers right now. The major teams are fighting for the best players and you can read some brand new information straight from the war.

Until recently, everybody was impressed by Juantorena and his unexpected transfer to Zenit Kazan. As it turns out, it was only a great beginning and now, there will be more and more such a news.

Ivan Zaytsev is one of the most desired names of this year’s transfer market. The talented player is wanted by  top Italian teams with Trentino Volley and Lube Banca Marche ahead. Club World Champions is looking for a valuable deputy for Juantorena, but probably it will not be Zaytsev. The young Italian of Russian origin will likely choose an offer from Lube Banca.
It will not be the only change in Macerata. As it commonly known, Igor Omrcen decided to leave and go to check himrself in Japan. Arguably, Sasa Starovic will come back to Macerata from the loan in its place or it will be another Serbian. Talking about Ivan Miljkovic who expressed his desire to return to Italy. Actually, he plays in Fenerbahce Istanbul, but he said in an interview to the Turkish television that he does not preclude departure from Istanbul since received an offer from Italy, from one of his ex team. However, it seems that Lube Banca will be next season without the biggest star. Another candidate to change or replace Omrcen is Michal Lasko. Cristian Savani gained a lucrative proposition from Russia (Lokomotiv Novosibirsk) and he will probably choose the team.    

There will be also very interesting time in Trento. Club president Diego Mosna wanted to bring Maxim Mikhailov from Kazan, but considered as the best opposite of the world decided to extend a contract with Zenit. Trentino Volley would like to sign a contract with Luciano De Cecco, however, he also got an offer from Poland (PGE Skra Belchatow). The variant will be possible to realize if Raphael Vieira accept a proposition from Zenit Kazan. A middle-blocker Simone Buti may be signed by Trento because his inherent club (Aqua Paradiso Monza) lost the main sponsor, so club might disappear.

In Poland, Skra Belchatow said to have a new setter.  In the backstage conversations, it is mentioned that it may be Luciano De Cecco, Bruno Rezende or Pawel Zagumny. Moreover, Lukas Zygadlo probably will support Jastrzebski Wegiel. There is one confirmed transfer. Lukasz Wisniewski (Polish national team middle-blocker) will sign a contract with ZAKSA Kedzierzyn Kozle.