The rumors come true. Polish volleyball star Z. Bartman, after retrain for spiker found a new place in Asseco Resovia.


After leaving Jastrzebski Wegiel, Bartman claimed he wanted to be the first spiker in his new team. That is why everybody expected him to join a foreign league. At the beginning of a transfer season it was revealed that Polish spiker talks to Asians clubs, but in the end he did not sign a contract with any of them. A few weeks ago a rumor started to circulate about Resovia Rzeszow being interested in hiring Bartman. Now, those rumors are confirmed.


Zbigniew Bartman is a new spiker of a Polish Champion. The situation is that much more interesting with Jochen Schöps, who became the first attacker of Resovia quite long time ago, a few days after Grozer left. Now it seems like it’s going to be a fascinating competition between those two excellent spikers.


Both are playing in the World League right now. Zbigniew Bartman is the second spiker in the ranking (with over 53% of efficiency) and the German player is on the 9th place with over 48%. However, Germany has not finished their group phase yet.

Bartman’s contract was signed for one season.