We have already introduce to you basic principles and rules of weight lifting program. It is time to show you the exercises of our physical preparation program for Asian players.



The following exercises could be done after the volleyball training:
General exercises, slow strength: 
Bench press with or without dumbbellsLat. machine or bar
(pectoral and triceps)(dorsal and biceps)
bench presslat. machine
Shoulder press with dumbbellsBack extension; 3 – 5 sets
(deltoids and triceps)(back muscles)
shoulder pressback extension
Leg extension, repetitions till exhaustionPullover in maximum extension
3 – 5 sets each leg(high pectorals)
leg extensionpullover
Leg curl, concentric and eccentric 
3 – 4 sets; 6 – 8 rips 
leg curl 
Abdominal: rectum abdomens, external and internal oblique (4 to 6 sets; from 30 to 50 rip.)
Concentric and eccentric exercises.

The following exercises must be done before the volleyball training:
Squat complete »» jump services, spike or spike jump touching the vertek. Max. Strength, 4-8 rip. 3-4 sets. Only in the first 3-4 months, two times a week. It's a general exercise of slow strength.

General exercises, fast strength:
Squat in 45/ 90 degrees »» block in an analytic exercise. Max. Power, 3-4 rip. 6-8 sets. Complete recovery (2.5'-3').
One-legged calf rise »» pliometric rebounds jumps with one and two legs.
Specific excises, explosive strength: 
Power clean 
power clean

Throwing over the net medicine balls of different weights between 1 and 5 kg.

Special exercises, explosive strength: 
Block jumping with and without counter movement, 3-4 sets of 4 rip.
Spike jumping to touch the maximum personal high using the vertek.
Short sprint departing from the low defense position.
Blocking footwork 2×1.

This physical preparation program for Asian players has been provided by Julio Velasco to Czech volleyball national team in 2002.

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