This volleyball drill from Akademia Polskiej Siatkówki is an excellent way for a team to learn how to pass the ball effectively.




It’s a game played on proper courts for three-to-three or four-to-four, depending on age of players. Team A begins with serving the ball to the opposite side. There are two options to play:

  1. Option 1: Player 1 (P1) from team B passes the ball using forearms pass towards the player 2 (P2). Then, P2 puts the ball to another player (P3), also using forearm pass. P3 directs the ball back to the P1 who completes the exercise by sending the ball over the net to the serving team with his fingers (all told, team touches the ball 4 times and thereby can score 4 points).
  1. Option 2: Second option of the game is the same as the first one till P3 puts the ball to P1. After that, direction of passing the ball changes. Instead of sending the ball to the opposite side, P1 puts it to P3. Then P3 directs it to P2 and P2 to P1 who completes the exercise by putting the ball over the net towards team B with his fingers (all told, there mustn’t be more than 7 contacts with the ball; each one is worth 1 point).

After putting the ball over the net by P1, team B makes the same sequence of bumps. The game goes on till the ball falls to the ground. Teams take turns serving the ball, no matter which one won previous action. Rotation follows after every completed action.


To make the game easier for younger or less skills players the coach accepts that in 5 attempts, player manage to pass the ball effectively 3 times.

To make the game more demanding for older or higher skills players grant 1 point only in the case that the ball is passed effectively by 3 consecutive players. You can also give an extra point if the third touch is a hit (jumping and striking the ball with an overhand).