Our volleyball power guide is for volleyball players and volleyball coaches who want the training program to give the the edge to win to be the best conditiong, strongest, and fastest on the court.



Let´s start with the basics, the types of strength. Which are the types of strength? There are many different types of strength and they all need to be taken into consideration when forming an effective physical training program.

What makes someone strong? Well, that is not an easy question to answer because it depends on which of the many different types of strength we are talking about. Someone can exhibit great competence in one aspect of strength while being completely lacking in another. To understand this better, let's talk about three of the most important types of strength: Maximal Strength, Explosive Strength and Strength Endurance…


 Maximal Strength  Explosive Strength  Strength Endurance
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Maximal Strength is the amount of force that can be generated from one all out effort, regardless of time or bodyweight. Explosive Strength is strength per unit of time, and is also known as Speed Strength. Strength Endurance is the ability to be as strong as possible, as long as possible.

Volleyball player does not need to look like this…

But variation of physical training methods will bring you the greatest performance improvements for volleyball. Therefore, vary physical training methods, stresses and intensities while training maximal strength, explosive strength and strength.

In the next part of our volleyball strength conditioning guide we focus detailed on the diference between types of power training.

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