As I wrote in my previous article volleyball is my passion …But when one has a passion for something, one is kind of obliged to help this thing grow. So for a long time now I am thinking what could help volleyball.
FIVB is doing pretty good things in some areas. They have new website for every major competition (which I like), many social accounts, live youtube broadcasting etc.
What I want to get or see in volleyball? I have in my mind 3 things. I am now missing  emotions, live statistics and better video challenge.
Let me start with emotions in volleyball. We all know that volleyball will never be as football, basketball or hockey – sports full of physical contacts.
On the other hand, we can use what we have and give players more freedom in the aspect of emotions. What do I mean? Now players can celebrate an ace, a great spike, a huge block, BUT only inside their team. There is no interaction with the opponent. Once you block someone, you have to turn to your team and raise your hands… In my eyes this is a wrong rule. It is good for players, and maybe for sport, but public and fans have the feeling: “ok, they made a point”. This is not enough, their reaction after such action should be “woooow, did you see this?!”. Why do we watch contact sports? Because there are special moments full of emotions, fauls, hits, bad behavior – in short interactions. This is what catch our and media’s attention. 
So my first point what could we think about is to allow players to show their emotions to the opponent. Of course I would suggest to add some limits, there can not be some bad behaviour, rude gestures as cut your head, fuck off, fuck you, etc.
Second thing I am now missing in volleyball is live statistics during volleyball match for all. I do not know if other sports have something like this. What I see is that we have all the data, but only for the teams. Teams are using softwares, which give them pretty good image about actual situation on the court. They see all good and bad things. They see how their team performs in attack, in reception, etc. They have data about every player and his performance. They share this information within their team, between scout man and head coach. I have one question: Why can’t we have the same data in the hall, at home, on our mobile or tablet? This way we can see why the head coach made this substitution, who is performing well, where are the biggest differences between the teams. 
I am sure you got my point… I would love to have an app from FIVB or another confederation where I can follow not only livescore of the game, but also live statistics from the match. 
Third thing in my list is related to video challenge system. I love watching tennis, I am in tension when someone calls for an eagle eye. I do my betting – was the ball out or in – and I see immediately if I have eagle eye or not 🙂 In volleyball we have similar challenge system, so there should be no problem to present the same experience. But right now only referees see this, we have to wait, sometimes pretty long time, to see the result of the challenge.
The challenge system is very good. Availability for public to see the outcome of challenge right after the challenge would be my third wish.
Do you agree with my ideas? Am I wrong?  Write to me via Twitter.