Despite he is still young, his volleyball misconducts’ file is filled. He has already sparked off many scandals including some adventures with alcohol in the background. He has insulted a lot of famous volleyball  authorities, starting from the referees, by his competitors  or even his teammates ending with outstanding coaches. Who is this?! This is Alexey Spiridonov! The first scandalmonger of world volley.

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Alexey Spiridonov appeared on the worldwide volleyball stage in 2008 playing in Iskra Odintsovo against PGE Skra Belchatow during the CEV Champions League 2008/2009 and no one already could not have passed by him indifferently. Then, some unknown 20-yerars old player substituted legendary Giba, having made several effective spikes, but the most attention was attracted by his specific and extraordinary, so far unusual, behavior. A wild celebration made some part of his Polish competitors upset, the other one  was amused.

However, Spiridonov’s career built up two years later. After fantastic season in the Russian Superleague, his skills and potential were noticed by Vladimir Alekno, who appointed Spiridonov to the national team and let yourself in for some serious troubles. Alexey debuted in the World League  immediately proving great charisma and collected many of positive reviews   

However, as it quickly turned out, not only was Spiridonov a thrill seeker, but he was also a lover of hard stuff. Some people said that he liked drinking few glasses of vodka just before a game being unpunished until he experienced a face to face meeting with Alekno. As you know “Vado” is a huuuge man, so Spiridonov had two variants of choice: either go away on his own or to be thrown out by coach. “I told him: you’re a weakling! Vodka is stronger then you !,” Alekno described. Spiridonov is Sporidonov, thus he was degraded and then was suspended for six months by Russian Federation.

“This punish has been imposed due to multiple Russia National Team rules violation. In general, it concerns alcohol consumption during a preparation camp. Some strange goings-on took place before a journey to Katowice, where we played in Hubert Wagner’s Memorial. Spiridonov was able to appear among the rest after all-night wassail. Anyway, this following sanction is rather mild, because his club (Iskra Odintsovo) will not be punished and will not suffer any consequences. If Alexey understands his faults and his reprehensible behavior, he will be allowed to return to the national team,” Aleksander Yaremenko, Russian Volleyball Federation General Manager, announced.

This alcohol incident left an imprint on Spiridonov, for he gained inglorious reputation and a new nickname “Spiritusov”, originating from the name of some high-proof drink.

You already know Alexey came back to the national team, but had to forget about the Olympics in London. When he was not invited to represent Russia,  he did not “laze” being contagious on the social medias like Twitter of Facebook. Countless “deep” posts, as far as their meaning, were dripping with vulgarisms and frequently were dedicated to Alexey’s “friends” with special gifts. Some time, Alexandr Bogomolov (team colleague of Spiridonov) could discover a surprise as a picture of Spiridonov’s bottoms with a curling-pin between them (You can find the evidence on Twitter).

Is that all? No! In March 2012, Spiridonov initiate a fight with … his national team teammate Sergey Grankin (The movie below). Almost one year later, he not only used his fists, but also his salivary glands and mouth to split Vladimir Melnik during the game Ural Ufa vs Fakel Novy Urengoy, “Are you crazy?! Should I prove whether I’m not a camel?!,” he nastily screamed being asked by some reporter.  

This summer, Alexey Spiridonov appeared in the “Sborna” T-shirt again, appointed by the new coach Andrey Voronkov, and he caused any problems at the beginning. Perhaps he had some verbal skirmishes in group stage, but it was acceptable. But yet, when there came the World League Final Six time, all evil demons of him returned.

Russia stood in front of Brazil and the game got started. Spiridonov was in charge of attacks and reception, but he also took control over distracting and challenging Brazli’s competitors from the first action to the last one. No one knows if Spiridonov wanted to disconcert “Canarinhos” or just behaved for themselves, but he no doubt succeed.“A player with no. 9 is a madman. He has to have some problems with his psyche! Spiridonov was provoking my boys all match long, while the referees didn’t react. The whole tactics went haywire in such a situation,” Bernardo Rezende said after lost game against Russia.

The second game of Argentinean finals(Russia-Canada) did not go Russia’s ways, because they lost their minds. As a result, this duel already occurred to be fruitful in controversial behavior of the outside-hitter. “Spiritusov” still was provoking players on the other side, but exceeded a borderline at one point. He flipped a line referee the bird (image at the top). In spite of this attitude, the main referee donated him only a yellow card. By the way, it is extremely popular part of body language in the Russian Superleague.

       Moroz  Spiridonov

Despite the failure against Canada, Russia reached the semis, hence, the defiant Alexey could carry on his “show”, but diamond cut diamond.” Sborna” faced the provocations champions Italy. It is commonly known that without breaking eggs one could not make omelettes. “Azzurri” destabilized Spiridonov’s psychology and there came something inevitable. A Dominican referee Denny Cespedes rewarded the lover of alcohol a red card his for behavior, unfortunately for Russian fans, “Sborna” gained a ticket to final, where had to face Brazil once again.   

“Spirik” (this is his official nickname) could not be indifferent and responded to Bernardo Rezende’s  allegations, “I do not offend the old and sick people with schizophrenia,” he summed up.

The very final match was not as full of negative emotions as someone could expect because Russia left no chances for Brazil, however, another episode of Spiridonov’s display was launched just after the winning game. He made up his mind to say thank you to Vladimir Alekno in a vulgar way shouting and doing ugly gestures (Video below).

“Up yours!,” in such a way, Spiridonov saluted his opponents of Russia and from around the world after World League victory two weeks ago.

Nevertheless, Alexey Spiridonov  is not the only eccentric person in world sport history. We had a famous tennis player John McEnroe, who was even able to attack a referee.  There is a football player Mario Balotelli no less surprising. However, they achieved numerous successes and they were or they are still outstanding, so they can afford more. Have Alexey Spiridonov deserved to be treat like the star? It is highly doubtful, so he should have some self thresholds, which are not allowed to exceed, otherwise he maybe should follow the Bernardo Rezende’s advice. I like players, who show your emotions out, then volleyball is more attractive and inspiring, but all of these must not be directed towards opponents, if not it is sheer rabble. Expression is very desirable nowadays, but “too much pudding would choke the dog”.