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Having looked at the article title, you may have some doubt. But no, Bartosz Kurek does not want to unleash a sex scandal. He probably does not have hundreds of secret lovers. He just found a new passion as golf.


“After reading and knowing so many athletes who enjoy golf I decided to try for myself. It is indeed something special, and I became a huge fan of the game”.

Kurek is not the first Polish sport star, who fell in love with golf because Mariusz Czerkawski (former NHL player) or Jerzy Dudek (soccer player, ex goalkeeper of Real Madrid, FC Liverpoll, and Feyenoord Rotherdam) has previously blazed a trail in this sport event.  

EuroVolley 2013 is coming up and Poland is in the contender pool as their squad is loaded with big names of the European volleyball.

”We are steadily preparing for EuroVolley. Coach Anastasi gives us weekends off sometimes so we have time to clear our heads and avoid the pressure. For me it’s the golf and all of my teammates have various hobbies”.

Poland with Bartosz Kurek in the line up will launch the EuroVolley 2013 group stage in Ergo Arena of Gdansk facing France, Turkey, and Slovakia.