Hello, guys!

It’s been a while since I didn’t post anything new on the blog (and to be fair, I missed writing to you a lot. Because to me these blogs are kind of letters to an unknown person who I hope will get on my vibe).

So, here I am, again, at the beginning of a fresh new year.  And here you are also – we are all hoping for the best in 2017, aren’t we?

After having witnessed a lot of bad things in 2016, aren’t we getting more and more into the negative circle of life? But don’t you think we are too focused on complaining about what is wrong instead of trying to fix it?

Could volleyball help fix our society?  And how?

I know, I know. Too many questions without a firm answer, but since I am back to university life (yey!) I have wakened once again my passion for investigation through observation.

And after having observed for a while, here is my volleyball wish list for 2017:

  1. Write more regularly, finding positive topics with good messages (this is how volleyball fix society, by spreading good messages, right? :))
  2. Make volleyball more popular on cultural level.
  3. Raise the awareness on the impact of messages spread through sport, in general.
  4. Helping the ones that want to train and practice volleyball, to do so – if not by giving them the exact address of a sports hall, then by motivating them to follow their heart.
  5. Go to at least one Champions League game!
  6. Go to the European Championship.
  7. Go to my hometown, enter in the first sports hall I had my volleyball trainings…and train with the juniors team (even if only for once).
  8. Inspire kids from my hometown to enter in that sports hall.
  9. Finding true stories of success not only among famous players
  10. Finally and to sum up: dedicate more time to one of the things that makes me happy …to volleyball.


10 things that I will revise in the end of this year.  Some of them are not very hard to be accomplished, another ones will require more time and 12 months wouldn’t be enough but I am sure I can have a good start during this period.

What about your volleyball wish list?

Share with me what are your volleyball dreams for the 2017 :))

Let’s discover the volleyball world together.

Photo source:FIVB

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