The question is: how to start writing a blog? Every beginning is a difficult one. Our first ride on a bike is usually a bumpy one. Our first effort to swim without help is also an adventure. Those two are hard to compare straight to writing a blog but I think I made my point clear.

When the author of, Jiri Popelka, called me and said that he wants me to be a part of his »project« on  his website I didn’t think twice. So here I am and to be polite to those who don’t know me I will start with introducing myself. My name is Davor Čebron, I am a professional volleyball player currently representing Hypo Tirol Volleyball club from Innsbruck, Austria.

Volleyball has been my passion since I was 15 years old and joined the school team. I was also training athletics and handball when I was a kid but since there was no time left for all of them I chose volleyball. It was a decision I haven’t regretted once. Volleyball has stayed in my heart ever since and the passion for it hasn’t gone away, it has just became bigger and bigger. I always considered myself as a team player and volleyball gave me a chance to connect with my teammates in and out of the court. In general sports gives you a lot of suffering and hard trainings, but in the end if you play your cards right, mixed with a little bit of fortune and patience it is all coming back to you in a big package called Victory.

Till the next time, Davor