John Travolta, Patrick Swayze, Antonio Banderas and Piotr Gruszka – what do all these men connect? They are all masters in their professions, … can dance and appear on TV. A former Polish national team player, Piotr Gruszka, is a part of this profile since he is taking part in a famous TV show “Dancing with the Stars” and is play in a TV series. It seems that retired life is not hard, is it?


Piotr Gruszka (Champion of Europe 2009, vice- champion of the World 2006, Champions League medalist) is participating in the most popular dancing TV show, ‘Dancing With The Stars’ and he is doing as well as on the volleyball court. See that with your own eyes how 206 cm tall man is dancing English waltz.


The dance of ex player of PGE Skra Belchatow, Arkas Izmir or Halkbank Ankara was rated to 33 points (40 max).

Over 6 episodes, Piotr Gruszka participated in a figth between a bull and a matador in Spanish paso doble, felt the Cuban rhythm in cha-cha, moved to the street of Buenos Aires dancing tango, checked out what the fox says in foxtrot, and proved that he may immediately go the English mansion to stand hand in hand even with Elizabeth II performing  English waltz. You could watch it in the above video.

Gruszka DWTH

Piotr went into a sports retirement and proves he can fill in that time that was being spent on volleyball workouts. In addition to performances on the dance floor, Piotr Gruszka starred in one of the Polish television series “To nie koniec świata” (Eng. “It is the end of the world”) where he played the role of … a volleyball star.

It is worth knowing that Piotr Gruszka is not the only volleyball player coming out in “Dancing with the Stars”. The Italian edition of the show was honored by participation of Luigi Mastrangelo.


Video: YouTube/Polsat TV