Fidelity is not the most common virtue today. However, many athletes were breaking this infamous rule, falling in love with one club, spending its entire professional career right there, or at least a significant part of it. These athletes become legends of the nearest environment, even though they are still young, active and alive. Which volleyball players went down in history in this way? Our ranking shows it!


The vast number of places in the ranking was cast by Italians or players who have entered the Italian Peninsula from other countries for money and career, but have enamored in local cities and have settled down there for many years. In fact, you cannot be surprised as we are talking about a beautiful country, where love song poses 95% of all hymns. Two first places belong to two receivers of the legendary Sisley Treviso, Alberto Cisolla and Samuele Papi. The first one has been brought up in Treviso and has been playing there for 15 years, while Papi has hung out for 13 years in that not existing club.

A Slovak with a Greek passport and icon of Iraklis Thessaloniki, Andrei Kravarik, occupies the lowest step of the podium thanks to his 13 years of faithfulness. However, not only has Kravarik been shot of the arc by the Greek god Eros, which resulted in many years of love for one club, but Marios Giourdas also joins him with 10 years of stay in Olympiacos Piraeus.

Besides a group of Italians and the duo of Greece, Mariusz Wlazły has found a free spot in TOP 10. The Polish opposite played 11 seasons in PGE Skra Belchatow, and what is more, he is not going to end up his adventure with the team, since he has recently extended a contract with the Poland’s Champion for the next 3 years.

Ranking of 25 Most Faithful Volleyball Players

Rank Player Nation Club League Still active In progress* Period*
1. Alberto Cisolla Italy Sisley Treviso Serie A (ITA)   15
2. Samuele Papi Italy Sisley Treviso Serie A (ITA)   13
3. Andrej Kravárik Greece Iraklis Thessaloniki Greek League     13
4. Lorenzo Bernardi Italy Sisley Treviso Serie A (ITA)     12
5. Andrea Giani Italy Casa Modena Serie A (ITA)     12
6. Mariusz Wlazły Poland PGE Skra Bełchatów Plus Liga (POL) 11
7. Mirko Corsano Italy Lube Banca Macerata Serie A (ITA)     11
8. Alessandro Fei Italy Sisley Treviso Serie A (ITA)   11
9. Hristo Zlatanov Italy Copra Piacenza Serie A (ITA) 11
10. Marios Giourdas Greece Olympiacos Piraeus Greek League     10
11. Wout Wijsmans Belgium Piemonte Cuneo Serie A (ITA)   10
12. Vigor Bovolenta Italy Area Ravenna Serie A (ITA)     9
13. Sergey Grankin Russia Dinamo Moscow Superliga (RUS) 9
14. Sergey Tetyukhin Russia Belogorie Belgorod Superliga (RUS)   8
15. Semen Poltavskiy Russia Dinamo Moscow Superliga (RUS)   7
16. Ivan Miljković Serbia Lube Banca Macerata Serie A (ITA)   7
17. Bas van de Goor Netherlands Dinamo Apeldoorn Dutch League     7
18. Marco Meoni Italy Lube Banca Macerata Serie A (ITA)     7
19. Krzysztof Ignaczak Poland Resovia Rzeszów Plus Liga (POL) 7
20. Pasquale Gravina Italy Maxicano Parma Serie A (ITA)     6
21. Matey Kaziyski Bulgaria Diatec Trentino Serie A (ITA)   6
22. Bruno Rezende Brazil Cimed Florianopolis Superliga (BRA)   6
23. Georg Grozer Germany Moeser SC Bundesliga (GER)   6
24. Lloy Ball USA Zenit Kazan Superliga (RUS)     5
25. Rafael Pascual Spain Piemonte Cuneo Serie A (ITA)     5
  • *In progress – still in the same club
  • *Period – years in the same club


Other team sports (Football, basketball, Hockey)


How the issue of faithfulness looks in other team sports like? In football, an Italian, Paolo Maldini, devoted himself entirely to just one team – AC Milan – spending there equal to a quarter-century. A basketball trio (Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller) could receive an ID card with the stamp of their clubs, because they have played there for 18 seasons,. Despite the fact, they do not lead, for an outstanding point guard, John Stockton, has overtaken them with 365 days longer work placement in the same team. In NHL, Mike Modano (hockey player), has spent only two year less in the jersey of the Stars from Dallas.




Rank Player Nation Club League Period
1. Paolo Maldini Italy AC Milan Serie A 25
2. Ryan Giggs Wales Manchester United Premier League 24
3. Francesco Totti Italy AS Roma Serie A 23
4. Gary Neville England Manchester United Premier League 19
5. Paul Scholes England Manchester United Premier League 19


Basketball (NBA)


Rank Player Nation Club League Period
1. John Stockton USA Utah Jazz NBA 19
2. Kobe Bryant USA Los Angeles Lakers NBA 18
3. Karl Malone USA Utah Jazz NBA 18
4. Reggie Miller USA Indiana Pacers NBA 18
5. Tim Duncan USA San Antonio Sours NBA 17


Tidbit: Michael Jordan has played in Chicago Bulls only for 13 seasons. 

Ice-Hokey (NHL)

Rank Player Nation Club League Period
1. Mike Modano USA Dallas Stars NHL 17
2. Scott Niedermayer Canada New Jersey Devils NHL 12
3. Mario Lemieux Canada Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 10
4. Wayne Gretzky Canada Edmonton Oilers NHL 10
5. Jaromir Jagr Czech Republic Pittsburgh Penguins NHL 7


Tables include players, who ended their careers aforementioned first decade of this century or still play sports professionally. Players selection according to the subjective opinion of the author.