Hello, it’s me… and I was wondering…

Oh, ups! Yeah, I was writing an article. 🙂

But why not starting my text with the first lines from Adele’s lyrics, Kind of … “Hello… It’s been a really long time since I’ve written my last text dedicated to volleyball (surely I am not proud of this – I mean…being “away” for such a long time). .

To me journalism and volleyball have always been walking hand in hand, always together. But …sometimes life happens and… I ended up spending my days in the last months without journalism and without volleyball (you can imagine – for me this is like a metaphorical suicide).

Never mind, what does not kill us, makes us only stronger (cliché but true); and also … another cliché – missing something  makes us appreciating even more and more what we really like/love.

So, here I am back 🙂 .  

With a brand new section called “The Blog of The Volleyball Lover”.

 I am far away from being the best volleyball specialist around the globe and you couldn’t  expect from me some deep technical analysis (not that I don’t have my point of view,  but I do not feel sure to say “Hey, Grbić you made a mistake by this substitution!”…Seriously?! Please, Victoria, go to your emotional texts 🙂 .


But I am a volleyball lover. I am a volleyball fan. And most of volleyball fans do not have deep knowledge of technical components…they just love the game, love their team and try to support it in good or bad.

So, from me you could expect  some texts on how volleyball impacts our lives, our societies, our relationships, our struggles in life. 

Because volleyball and volleyball people in general could teach us a lot about our daily battles and how to win them. Here we will have the opportunity to talk about our volleyball passion and I really hope you will share with me your volleyball stories:).

I hope I will be regular on posting:)

See you next Saturday!


Photo: FIVB