We all know that sometimes volleyball is a really hard work to do-especially, when you’re a professional player : trainings, competitions, journeys and  a lot of time without your family. But we also are aware of the good sides of the sports (and actually this is why we love it so much) – spending wonderful moments with your teammates, winning and losing, learning a lot for the real life.


Birthday cake fight, smiles on faces and happy emotions- this is how the Bulgarian volleyball player Nikolay Penchev spent his  birthday in 2011. 

But can you imagine going to a competition, after the end of the game calmly passing by the changing room in order to get out of the sports hall… and suddenly, out of nowhere, you just see a flying birthday cake?  Here is the whole story:

One of the people, who best knows the volleyball players of Bulgaria, is the therapist of the team because after trainings and games the good recovery is an important part of the success searched.

Simeon Milanov is the guy who for fifth year in a row helps to different national players and this season takes also  part in  the team of Camillo Placi. The young specialist shared an interesting story for the the times when he helped the Juniors of Bulgaria:

“After we have qualified for the 2011 FIVB Junior World Championship in Brazil, everybody was really happy. The star of the team- Nikolay Penchev had a birthday  that day and we had to play the game on which our qualifying depended. We played against Poland and we were losing 1:2, but the Lions made it in order to turn the situation in our favor and win 3:2.  This made all the players and the coaches really happy, all of them went into the volleyball field.  The Bulgarian volleyball federation also has ordered a special birthday cake for Penchev . The cake was brought directly on the sports field, and we really have had a lot of fun. Somehow, in the mess of happiness, I came to a crazy idea : “Birthday cake fight!”, I screamed. Of course, all the guys took the idea seriously. Suddenly, I heard :”Go, take him!”, which meant they wanted to take me! I quickly realized what they planned for me,  I opened the door of the changing  room and a piece of the birthday cake just flew to the supporters. “

 Surely, Nikolay Penchev has spent a wonderful birthday, but also the volleyball supporters have had a lot of fun with what they saw.

The story of this birthday is another proof that volleyball really brings joy to everyone..But hey! Be careful, if you see a flying birthday cake around you..it could mean that a volleyball star is celebrating his birthday 😉 

Source : www.bgvolleyball.com