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As volleyball being considered among the top 3 sports worldwide and the second (after football) by the number of practitioners, you would want to know how is the federation representing this wonderful sport would be doing on the social network to update the fans, players and everyone who is involved in the volleyball scene. 


After doing some search and sniffing here and there, the results came! BUT…..there were not that cheerful. Why? For the following reasons:

1. The Official Blog for the FIVB
And here is the catch! There is no such thing as the FIVB is settled with having a blog for each sponsored competition, which can be quite annoying as you do not have an offical source of information for all of the competitions and you would need to “sniff around” for these gems!

2. The Facebook Page
The official Facebook page is better, as you can find daily updates on recent events and competitions, but again there is a trick here as well 🙁  as you do receive updates about the current events and big games, but they may not update you on the final outcome of it. And the posts are few which can be a bit of an issue if you would like people to stay tuned to your page.

3. Twitter
There are signs of a smart life on the twitter account of the FIVB, as you will find retweets from other accounts about many events and big games, but the funny thing is that the news is not coming from the FIVB the sponsor of those events.

As a conclusion I would give the FIVB a score of 6.4 out of 10 for their social media efforts, and I am sad to say this as a Volleyball player and fan myself, I would love to see more presence from the governing body of this wonderful sport.

Common FIVB!! Let the world know more about Volleyball!!