Whether you are already an avid volleyball fan or you’ve been inspired to try out the sport for the first time, there are some vital pieces of equipment that every player needs to have. Fortunately, the number of items needed is relatively small compared to other sports, so it shouldn’t take long before you are ready to get out on the court.



For a new volleyball player, the equipment needed to take up the sport is simple to acquire and pretty inexpensive. Here are the main items you will need on your path to game time.

  • A volleyball ball is an obvious requirement, even if you are playing on a team that provides them. You’ll want one at home for practicing your setting and serve.
  • Because volleyball players are constantly diving for the ball, kneepads are a must. Look for breathable ones with lots of padding.
  • You’ll have a lot of items to carry to practice, so choose a sturdy, compact gear bag to make transporting your equipment easier. Pair or quality volleyball knee pads is also important for your knee safety.



The uniform for volleyball players is super simple, and it’s even easier when you are just starting out. Here are the three main items you should have.

  • Choose a pair of comfy spandex shorts like these from Sportswear Unlimited. These will prevent the fabric from restricting your movement, and help you slide across the floor as necessary.
  • Even if you don’t have a team jersey, you should choose a snug-fitting practice shirt made from moisture-wicking fabric.
  • Serious players choose shoes designed for the volleyball court. They have softer soles for easier movement and rounded edges to support quick foot action. If you are just starting out, tennis shoes are fine, but get a pair that offers rigidity for side-to-side movement.

Other necessities

No matter what sport you are playing, it’s important to have a few basic items in your gym bag. Volleyball players in particular should plan on the following.

  • Keep your vision clear by keeping your hair away from your face. Hair ties – and headbands, if you have bangs – can tame your tresses while you get your workout.
  • Choose a sturdy refillable water bottle to encourage hydration during practice and games.
  • If you are prone to joint injuries, don’t forget to purchase knee or ankle braces to wear on the court. A little prevention can go a long way to keeping you active and healthy.

Volleyball is a fun sport enjoyed by players and spectators alike. If you want to hit the court, these tips will help you be prepared.