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When you are watching volleyball on TV perhaps you think: “OMG! How he could do that! It was so easy to finish off!” But no. Volleyball is probably the most requiring and difficult of all team sports and you have to practice a lot to reach even the lowest level. It is confirmed below, where Patrick Young, U.S basketball player, picked up the challenge and played volleyball for the first time.



Interesting detail:
An American NBA superstar and one of the best centre in the league, Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves), tried his hand at beach volleyball during the lockout in NBA two years ago… futilely.

This time, other and less know basketball player Patrick Young (Florida Gator Basketball team), decided to move on volleyball court. His teachers were Chloe Mann and Taylor Brauneis. What were the results?


Patrick, glance my advices!

1. Bent your knees and make them more flexible in reception. Karch Kilary says: “Feel swang”.
2. More focus on your extensors muscles (e.g. triceps) than your flexors (e.g. biceps) on workouts. You will not bent your arm to be able to reach the ball higher.