A buzzword is an informal term used in place of a formal one with an aim of impressing the listener rather than informing him. They are jargons associated with a particular trade or industry. These words mean one thing to every other person but something else to their users. Without proper debuzzing (decoding) there is hardly a way someone outside the industry would comprehend what is being spoken about.

Volleyball is a sports game with plenty of its own jargon. Here is a list of 10 Volleyball jargons debuzzed.

1. Ruffio

In general term, this refers to the character from the movie Hook but is used in Volleyball to describe the chant that comes from your bench after your teammate blocks a shot from an opponent.

2. Husband and Wife

Of course, we all know what this means in rational language, but in Volleyball, it means something different. “Husband and Wife” is used to describe an area within the court that is beyond the reach of any of the players and the ball will hit the ground before anyone can go for it.

3. Pancake

Don’t we all know what this is? A thin, flat delicious meal fried in a pan and usually taken at mornings. But in Volleyball it means a last effort to stop a ball from hitting the ground. This move will certainly get you applause and positive roars from your teammates and spectator for good attempt.

4. Campfire

This is a large open fire around which people gather to tell stories and have fun during social outings. In Volleyball, this is a defensive blunder where every player assumes the next player was going to get the ball and no one does.

5. Kill

This means to take someone’s life, which is not always a good thing. But ironically, it means a good thing in Volleyball. Kill means to score a perfect point.

6. Chowder

A kind of seafood stew. In Volleyball, it is a double contact foul made during a set, which is usually very obvious to everyone.

7. Butter

A light yellow fatty substance used for eating bread or for cooking. In Volleyball, it is a perfect set that every player dream of having during an approach in a game.

8. Spike

This could mean a sharp mostly unexpected increase in the amount or quantity of something. Or a long pointed material made of metal or wood. In Volleyball, it is a word non-volleyball players use to describe a hit.

9. Dump

A place for disposing of waste or the act of defecating. In Volleyball, it is a dumb move made by Setters.

10. Shank

An improvised knife used in jails and prison to maim, hurt or kill. In Volleyball, it refers to a bad pass that is beyond redemption.