Alison Cerutti, beach volleyball star of Brazil is now one more step nearer to being in a place to secure the gold medal in Olympic he won at the Game- Rio 2016 coming summer after the Volleyball Federation of Brazil specified he and their partner Álvaro Filho will fill one of the berths Brazil can get through the ranking of Olympic game for the 2020 Games held in Tokyo.

The system of qualification states that the 15 top most positioned teams on the Ranking as of 15thJune, 2020 will earn one ration place for their NOC/NF. Those who want to make their picks for the winner in Tokyo can check out New Jersey online sports betting when the tournament is closer and the full roster of participants is confirmed.

Alison that topped the stage on Copacabana along with Bruno Oscar Schmidt the earlier partner, three years before, can be doing work his way in the direction of a 3rdstraight medal in Olympic. He even secured a silver medal in the London 2012 along with Emanuel Rego on their first emergence at the Games.

Not like on the two different occasions, though, presently the ‘Mammoth’ has had to work with a confused cycle of Olympic game, one that he started with Bruno, earlier than changing to world champion André Loyola of 2017 and after that to Álvaro 28-year-old.

“It was the very first cycle of Olympic game in which some things got somewhat out of management for me,” reflected by blocker. Once the Álvaro and he joined forces, in the month March, there was few tension that possibly they would not be eligible, but when they started to recognize each other greatly and to proceed as a team, this type of tension started to dissolve. It was tough, but it was simply the quad of Olympic in which they matured greatly.”

Alvaro and Alison’s task was, certainly, a difficult one. With the Federation of Brazil running an inner qualification system that thinks the top ten finishes protected at some World Tour events between the time period of Feb 2019 as well as Feb 2020, and the World Championships of 2019, they had no possible time for changes and required to deliver results instantly.

They recognized that they had no space for any silly mistakes. Their motivation was really very high from the beginning, but at times it was difficult for them to work with the understandable limitations a new squad will actually have. They understood what we had to perform, but they just were not capable to. They kept down their heads, continued doing work with the assistance of their coaching staff and remained positive things will change for them.

Later flaw to break into the game semifinals of their first some World Tour events all together, the Brazilians got top position in stage in Espinho in month July. Later the finish, they had consecutive three appearances in the semifinal game, together with a silver medals pair that were very important for their positioning at the higher of the internal ranking of Brazil and took 3rdposition in the rankings of whole world.

Later the first stage, they had a good quality run of form and it was wonderful to see their hard work paying off in a crucial moment of the specific season. It was really very forceful as a lot occurred in such a short time period, but they organized to control their negative and positive emotions and trust their work and keep their goal.

One more step nearer to Tokyo, Álvaro and Alison now have some more months to process their game in a perfect manner be in an excellent position to fight for what can be the blocker’s 3rdmedal in Olympic game in as several appearances in the Games.

Now they are starting a new preparation for their team. They have the time of 10 months until the Games and that is sufficient time for them to get ready and they need.