Arkas Spor Izmir is the champion of Turkish volleyball league for the 2006/07 season. Arkas lose only one game in the Turkish championship this year. For Arkas Izmir it is the second title in a row. 



Arkas Spor won the final pool of best eight team. In Final Four tournaments Arkas did not lose one game. The best player of Final Four tournaments and also best player of Arkas was Paul Duerden.  

Final Four        
Rank Team MT W L P
1 Arkas Spor Izmir 6 6 0 15,5
2 B.Sehir Bld Istanbul 6 4 2 13
3 Fenerbahce Istanbul 6 2 4 8
4 Halkbank Ankara 6 0 6 2,5

Turkish league has different system from another volleyball countries. In the league is 18 teams, divided into two basic pools. Best four teams of each pool are participating in a final pool. Team has to play each other home x away matches. Best four teams from final pool are qualifiyng to Final Four. Two Final four tournaments  has to played to know winner of turkish league.