In last round before first match of Champions League, Skra arrived to Olsztyn and dominated the hosts. Hardly no one believed in victory of Olsztyn, but the quality of AZS game was really bad.



Only in the third set we could enjoy a pretty good game. In the first two parts, the hosts scored only 13 and 12 points. AZS Olsztyn, legendary Polish volleyball club, is currently the last in the schedule. Owners of AZS are saying about changes, but we do not have any concrete decisions yet. Belchatow is still playing without their captain. Now it is time to Jakub Novotny to show his skills and he is doing it. Bartek Kurek also returned in good shape. He scored 18 points and became MVP of the match in Olsztyn.

Zaksa, who is fighting for a medal, had lots of difficulties to overcome Fart Kielce. Let’s repeat that in the previous round, Sebastian Swiderski suffered from big injury (he was operated on last Saturday). Now, Tine Urnaut is playing instead of polish receiver. Michal Ruciak still shows his great form – he was the best player of the meeting. Despite the victory, the loss of points could dissapoint the team of Krzysztof Stelmach, because they are on the fourth place of ranking. However, situation in PlusLiga is changing all the time.

Very good meeting took place in Czestochowa. Resovia Rzeszow arrived to “Polonia” stadium. AZS played well from the beginning and Resovia was on the defensive side. In the second set, the hosts were leading 8:3 at the first technical time-out. Resovia made a lot of mistakes. Their attacker, Georgy Grozer, had a poor day and got only 33% of efficiency. Lukasz Wisniewski middle blocker of Czestochowa, played a fantastic game. He scored 11 points and he had incredible 90% efficiency! AZS was playing better in the entire match and they got all three points. MVP was Fabian Drzyzga, young setter from Czestochowa team.

Delecta did not play very well in last weeks. So, failure of Jastrzebski Wegiel, which came to Bydgoszcz in 7 round, can be seen as a big surprise. Despite the attitude of Gasparini (26 points) and Divis (20 points), the hosts were more efficient and overthrew the myth that they do not know how to win in their own hall. Both teams have 8 points right now and none of them is happy with this situation. Players fail their fans, but Delecta improved their position a little bit.

The last match was not a nice end of the round. In Wielun hosts met with AZS Warszawa. They won only first set, than Warsaw started to play better volleyball. They got a few points more than their rivals and they finally scored all three points. MVP was Ardo Kreek.

Next round starts on Thursday!