This legendary head coach will lead his team to the next Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.


There were some rumors about the future of Brazilian national team. It seemed like Rezende is going to leave this team along with his stars, such as Giba and Sergio.
Just after a failure in the final with Russia, Bernardinho had some tough choices to make

“Now I have to think forward. This is very difficult situation, especially for Bruno. It’s hard to work with your own child” he said. From the beginning it was sure that he will have to choose between the national team and the club.
“It is a promise I made to my family – I will keep working only on one front. I want to spend more time with them.”

Now we know that Rezende stays with the national team and quits Unilever Rio de Janeiro. The president of Brazilian Federation, Ary Graça said that Rezende stays till Olympics 2016. Furthermore, there were not any written agreements and as always, they took each other word for it.

“Bernardinho will work with us for another Olympic cycle. I don’t like to cut this four-year period into small pieces, we always make our agreements for full time between the Olympic Games. This decision was made before London and our result had no impact on it” – Graça said.