Not being able to play is massively frustrating for any player, no matter the sport. Time off the court is not what anyone wants, especially if it is something out of your control, for example because of an injury that you need to recover from before returning to the action.

Being benched is a difficult time and it can be hard to feel involved in the game due to not being able to affect the result from the sidelines.

So what can you do to get your volleyball fix while you are out of action? How about playing volleyball games on your mobile devices!

Here is our selection of the best to help you to get started on your volleyball game quest.

1.    Volleyball Champions 3D

Our first recommendation is Volleyball Champions 3D, which is free to download. It’s always a good start when you don’t even have to pay for a mobile game – you can’t really lose.

One of the most realistic volleyball games on the market, the graphics and physics of this game are both absolutely excellent. It’s almost as good as playing volleyball in real life!

Career mode is detailed and has good depth, so it is easy to spend loads of time on this little gem of a game. We also like the split screen multiplayer and role playing mode with training.

Like most of the free games you can download on to your smartphone or tablet, Volleyball Champions 3D has in-app purchases but you can make perfectly good progress without them.

Be warned though – like all of the best games on your smartphone, this one gets addictive! Volleyball Champions 3D is available to download through the Google Play app store.

2.    Beach Volleyball 3D

Next up is Beach Volleyball 3D, which the makers claim is the most realistic 3D volleyball game that is available to download to your mobile devices.

While it stands to reason that they would say that, the graphics on Beach Volleyball 3D are right up there with Volleyball Champions 3D. There is really not much to choose between them.

With a choice between challenge mode and a quick game mode, there is something for casual players as well as those who want to spend a bit more time getting into the depths of this game.

Being able to choose exactly how the player hits the ball is a great touch that gives users an unprecedented level of control over their shots on Beach Volleyball 3D.

Beach Volleyball 3D has been downloaded well over a million times and there are in-app purchases available for those who want to use them as well. – but it is up to you if you do.

Like Volleyball Champions 3D, you can get Beach Volleyball 3D on the Google Play app store.

3.    Stickman Volleyball

A bit different to Volleyball Champions 3D and Beach Volleyball 3D is Stickman Volleyball, another game that you can get on to your mobile device through the Google Play app store.

This game has much more of a cartoon look to it compared to the above two games, both of which strive for a level of realism in their graphics and gameplay.

Stickman Volleyball is very much intended to be an arcade type game, however, although there are 36 volleyball teams to choose from, as well as 24 locations including beaches and roof tops.

Users who download Stickman Volleyball on to their Android devices can also pick from a wide range of different season modes, including the Djinnworks Cup, National Teams Tour, America Tour and Europe Tour. This means that there is plenty of depth to get your teeth into here.

Stickman Volleyball boasts smooth animations with 60 frames per second but perhaps one of the best things about it is you can compete with your mates in the integrated world leader board.

And if you find that you like to play Stickman Volleyball you can try out some of the other sports games from the same company, from Stickman Basketball and Stickman Ice Hockey to Stickman Tennis, Stickman Football and even Stickman Cliff Diving.

4.    Beach Volley Pro

Moving on to games you can get on Apple’s App Store now, our first pick is Beach Volley Pro, a game that has been downloaded almost three million times, showing it is a highly popular game.

Unlike Stickman Volleyball, Volleyball Champions 3D and Beach Volleyball 3D this game is not free to download but the fee is only $1.99 in the United States, which feels like a bargain.

The makers of this game previously released beach volleyball game “OverTheNet”, so if you remember that one you will have a bit of insight about what to expect about this one.

So what’s on offer for those who pay for Beach Volley Pro? Well, this game has 18 teams – male and female – as well as 17 different beaches to play on.

The big selling point for Beach Volley Pro is the 3D and HD graphics though. It is arguably the sharpest volleyball game available to download on the App Store, although there is plenty of competition to choose from for that particular honour.

It supports retina display too and you can play on any iPhone – from 5 – or on your iPad.

5.    Volleyball Manager 13 HD

Our last selection for a game to play while you are out of action is Volleyball Manager 13 HD, which is something a little bit different from the others we have picked out above.

This game is intended to be a coach’s clipboard app, so those who like to study the sport will find it to be extremely useful indeed. And what is even better is that it only costs $0.99 to download from the App Store – cheap as chips.

When you install the app on to your preferred device you will get the chance to watch an instruction video and this is definitely recommended as without it, using Volleyball Manager 13 HD can be quite tough to get your head around.

You will soon be ready to go, however, creating tactics that you can show to your team. The app produces animations so you can see them in action and work out how effective they could be.

Player numbers and names can be added, so the tactics are fully customisable to your team, while you can also add and remove players or balls depending on your specific needs.

The app itself is only small – it will only take 8.6 MB of space on your device – which is another big reason why you should join thousands of users who are on the app already and download Volleyball Manager 13 HD today.

Check out some of these great mobile volleyball games to your tablet or smartphone and you will be able to pass the time when you are unfortunately benched.

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