Volleyball in Canada has become very popular, and people have started enjoying it as much as many other games like basketball, football, etc. As in other countries volleyball in Canada is played both indoors and outdoors. The indoors volleyball does not depend on weather conditions, so people could still enjoy the games in harsh weather conditions like in winter seasons.

Betting on volleyball in Canada

Volleyball competitions held around the world throughout the year includes many local and international leagues. People can bet on these volleyball league competitions from Canada through different online betting platforms.

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Betting factors:

The factors that have to be considered before placing a volleyball game bet must be discussed to help improve winning chances.

Local and International games:
Considering the international volleyball leagues when placing a wager on the volleyball games is easier. This is mostly because you have a wide range of information on different determinants like coaches, team formation, and strategy, and player conditions, etc. Some of these competitions include Olympics, World Grand Prix, FIVB Volleyball Men’s World Championship, FIVB Volleyball World League, etc

On the other hand, the local volleyball leagues have a long list of unknown determinants; there is little or no information on the team strategy, etc. This can make it difficult to place bets, but many serious volleyball fans still make a good wager on local leagues.

Bet options:
There are many different betting options on the volleyball sports. The bet sites usually add more options to increase customer betting chances.

Match betting: This is the bet on which team will win the match.

Handicap bet: This bet gives more chances for the obviously weaker team to win the match. When you bet a handicap of +2 for a weaker team, they may get only 1 set and make you win the bet even if they eventually lose the match.

Set betting: This involves forecasting the number of total sets that will be played in one match. This depends on how active the opposing teams are in the game, not necessarily who wins.

In-play bets: This is a very interesting bet option that allows people place different kinds of bets when the match has started. Many top bet sites allow this option because each game has as many as 3+ sets.

Player of match: This option allows you to bet on who the best player of the match would be. This option is encouraged for international leagues with enough team and player information.

Recommended tips for volleyball betting

There have been so many good improvements that show us that Canadian volleyball is getting better. These are a few tips for betting on volleyball in Canada:

  • You can bet on indoor and beach volleyball using the in-play bet options to increase your winning chances.
  • It is best to bet on international volleyball matches from online bet sites in Canada.
  • Do good research before you place your wager.

Top volleyball betting sites.

Do take a look at these great bet sites where you can confidently place all your volleyball bets.

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Paddy Power:
At this betting site, when a new customer registers an account, deposit funds and places a bet successfully; there is a free bet of up to C$50 for them to claim instantly. The user interface is easy to operate, and there are various bet options and match fixtures to pick from.


Now, with in increasing popularity of the volleyball sport and betting in Canada, you should quickly grab the opportunity of betting on Volleyball in Canada.