Autocommerce Bled (Slo) gains the volleyball Top Teams Cup in Modena. First time in a European cup history Slovenian team is the winner of the Cup. In a five set battle Bled surprised Cimone Modena.



Key moment of the final was injury of Ricardo, Brazilian setter of Modena. Ricardo injured in first half of the set. Modena did not lose only because of that, Bled deserves the victory. Cimone made 31 mistakes, the worst performance of them in this year.

Head coach Autocommerce BLED: “I’m very proud of my guys. They have won the last few matches in a row and I knew that we were in for a chance, even though we played against Modena at home. After the match against Skopje, where we proved better in reception and setting, we were optimistic and knew that we could play with the Italian team.”

Autocommerce Bled 3 25 26 14 24 15
Cimone  Modena 2 16 24 25 26 10
3th place            
Rabotnicki Fersped Skopje 1 16 16 25 18  
Iskra Odintsovo 3 25 25 23 25  
Rabotnicki Fersped Skopje 1 19 17 25 23  
Autocommerce Bled 3 25 25 18 25  
Cimone  Modena 3 25 25 25    
Autocommerce Bled 0 12 20 21    


Individual awards
MVP:  Matija Plesko (Bled)
Best Scorer:  Andrea Sartoretti (Modena)
Best Attacker:  Tine Urnaut (Bled)
Best Server:  Luiz Felipe Fonteles (Modena)
Best Blocker:  Andrea Giani (Modena)
Best Receiver:  Sebastijan Skorc (Bled)