In a very exciting and dazzling tie breaker match, Boca overcame a 0-2 series to defeat La Unión de Formosa 3-2 (23-25, 14-25, 25-22, 25-21, 15-10). Gustavo Scholtis was the best scorer with 30 points while for the champion team, Diego Bonini scored 24.


A match that showed, no doubt, the best two teams of the first competition among all 12 ACLAV A1 Men Teams franchises. With four new semi-finalists participating of the Final Four ACLAV Cup final matches, as the title holder, Drean Bolívar did not qualify first on the preliminary round and therefore did not participate of the last phase, Boca and Formosa showed how much they grew on this competition with the title deserved by both teams. Diego Bonini was also named the MVP of the Final Series.

Boca-Río Uruguay Seguros (3): Sebastián Fernández, Diego Bonini, Maximiliano Gauna, Lucas Armesto, Marcus Eloe, Nicolás Bruno, Facundo Santucci (L). Coach: Marcelo Gigante. Substitute players included: Mariano Giustiniano, Hernán Francucci, Ignacio Verdi.

La Unión de Formosa (2): Maximiliano Cavanna, Gustavo Scholtis, Pablo Peralta, Javier Sánchez; Rodrigo Villalva, Nicolás Tibaldo, Franco Maximino (L). Coach: Martín López. Substitute players included: Ezequiel Palacios, Facundo Núñez, Rodrigo Aschemacher.

Stadium: Cedec N° 1 – San Fernando (Buenos Aires Province).
Referees: Cabrera R. – Rene K.
Spectators: 1,200