“Canarinhos” get a title after tight fight against Italy, beating “Azzuri” eventually after tiebreak. Surprisingly quick are rest games: “Sborna” smashes Americans, while Iran storms Japanese team, which was disappointment of tournament. Dmitriy Muserskiy gets an award for best player of tournament.

Today Results:

BRAZIL – ITALY 3-2 (25-22 25-22 23-25 20-25 15-11) MVP: Lucas Saatkamp
Brazil: Bruno, Lucarelli (13), Lucas (21), Wallace (28), Mauricio Borges (1), Sidão (2), Mario Junior (L) and Evandro (6), Raphael (1), Eder (3), Felipe Fonteles (3)
Italy: Travica, Lanza (13), Birarelli (13), Zaytsev (27), Kovar (2), Beretta (13), Rossini (L) and Vettori, Dolfo (6), Baranowicz (4), Sabbi

Wallace fired a spike wide as Italy moved out to a 5-3 lead in the first set. Lucas served into the net and Italy was up 7-5. Thomas Beretta’s spike sent Italy into the first TTO with an 8-6 edge. Lanza’s spike made it 10-8 for Italy. Brazil tied it 10-10 on a nice block by Lucas. Ricardo Lucarelli’s service ace moved Brazil in front 12-11. Kovar sent a serve long and it was 15-14 for Brazil. Zaytsev then equalized with a spike. Beretta served into the net and Brazil was on top 16-15 at the second TTO. Zaytsev served into the net and Brazil led 17-16 as the match stayed close. Zaytsev soared for a spike and it was 19-18 for Brazil. A service ace by Lucas gave Brazil a three-point lead at 21-18 and Italy called a timeout. A spike by Evandro Guerra off a nice back set made it 22-19. Luca Vettori served into the net and Brazil was two points from the set at 23-20. Lanza’s spike made it 23-21. A spike by Wallace gave Brazil set point at 24-21. Brazil closed it out 25-22. Wallace had eight points in the set.

Lucas put Brazil up 5-3 in the second set with a spike. A return error by Italy made it 7-4 for Brazil. The South Americans were up 8-5 at the first TTO. Italy sent a spike long and Brazil moved out to a four-point lead at 10-6. It was 11-6 after a blcok by Wallace. Zaytsev sent a spike long and Brazil was on top 13-7. Wallace followed with a spike and Brazil was starting to pull away. Wallace rose for another spike and Brazil went into the second TTO up 16-9. Italy took a timeout while trailing 18-10. Italy responded with three straight points out of the timeout and then Brazil called one of its own. A block by Beretta pulled Italy within four at 18-14. Ludovico Dolfo fired a spike long and it was 20-14. A Lanza spike cut Italy’s deficit to three at 21-18 and Brazil took another timeout. Wallace spiked again and it was 22-18. A Zaytsev dink took the count to 22-19. Ricardo responded with a spike and Brazil was closing in on the set at 23-19. Emanuele Birarelli made a nice block and Italy moved within two at 23-21. A Lucas spike gave Brazil set point at 24-21. Lucas gave Brazil the set 25-22 with a spike.

Ricardo’s spike put Brazil in front 5-2 in the third set. A reception error by Mauricio Borges put Italy within one at 6-5. Italy took the lead 7-6 on a return error by Wallace. Italy led 8-6 at the first TTO. A service ace by Michele Baranowicz put Italy up 10-8. Zaytsev hammered a spike and it was 13-11 for Italy. A spike by Wallace evened the score 14-14. Zaytsev answered with an impressive spike for 15-14. Dolfo’s spike gave Italy a 16-15 lead at the second TTO. Zaytsev gave Italy an 18-17 edge with a spike. A service ace by Rapahel Vieira put Brazil up 19-18. Mario Da Silva’s spike made it 20-19. Brazil made it 22-20 after a return error by Italy. Zaytsev spiked for 22-21. Beretta block evened it at 22-22 and Brazil called a timeout. Beretta’s block put Italy back ahead 23-22. Wallace knotted it with a spike. Wallace missed with a dink and Italy had set point at 24-23. Italy took the set 25-23 on a powerful serve by Birarelli.

Ricardo’s spike staked Brazil to a 5-4 lead in the fourth set. A Zaytsev spike made it 7-6 for Italy. Zaytsev spike again and Italy was on top 8-6 at the first TTO. Brazil misplayed a reception and Italy went ahead 9-6. Zaytsev connected again and the Italian margin was 10-6. A huge serve by Wallace caromed off libero Salvatore Rossini to make it 13-12. Italy was up 16-13 at the second TTO. With Italy leading 18-14, Brazil took a timeout. Wallace sent a spike long and the Italian lead was 19-15. Dolfo then delivered a service ace and a fifth set seemed a certainty. A spike by Ricardo pulled Brazil within two at 21-19. Zaytsev made it 22-19 with a spike. Wallace missed a crosscourt spike and it was 23-19. Birarelli came up with a clutch block and it was set point for Italy at 24-19. Birarelli gave Italy the set 25-20 with a thunderous spike.

Zaytsev missed a spike and Brazil took a 3-2 lead in the final set. Wallace followed with an ace but appeared to sprain his left ankle in the process. A Lucas block made it 5-2 and Italy called a timeout. Ricardo’s block put the count at 6-2. Lanza’s spike made it 7-4. Brazil was up 8-4 at the changeover. Zaytsev’s spike pulled Italy within two at 9-7. Another Zaytsev spike made it 10-9 and Italy tried to stay close. A block by Eder Carbonera put Brazil three points from victory at 12-9. A Lucas spike made it match point at 14-10. Lucas soared for a final spike and Brazil took the title 15-11.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
Brazil 61 54% 9 8 24 41% 27
Italy 60 50% 10 8 18 37% 30

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Wallace De Souza 28 22 52% 3 3 9
Ivan Zaytsev 27 27 60% 0 0 10


UNITED STATES – RUSSIA 0-3 (27-29 22-25 19-25) MVP: Nikolay Pavlov
USA: Christenson (2), Rooney (7), Lee (5), Anderson (14), Priddy (7), Holt (8), E.Shoji (L) and K. Shoji, Menzel (5)
Russia: Grankin, Ilinykh (13), Muserskiy (11), Pavlov (9), Sivozhelez (11), Apalikov (8), Golubev (L)

The U.S. led 8-6 after the first TTO. The score was tied 11-11 after Priddy sent a serve long. With Russia up 14-12, the U.S. called a timeout. Anderson equalized with a spike that made it 14-14 and the U.S. pulled ahead 15-14 on a thundering serve from Anderson. William Priddy drove a spike down the middle and the U.S. had a 16-14 lead at the second TTO. Russia evend the score on a block by Muserskiy. Anderson fired a spike long and Russia went ahead 17-16. A huge serve by Muserskiy put Russia two points in front at 19-17. The U.S. moved back ahead 20-19. David Lee’s spike made it 21-20 for the U.S. A block by Lee made it 22-21 for the U.S. and Russia called a timeout. Priddy pounded a serve and it was 23-21. Sean Rooney’s spike gave the U.S. set point at 24-23. Russia knotted the score, but the U.S. went back 25-24 up on an Anderson spike. The U.S. gained another set point after a block, but Evgeny Sivozhelez tied it with a spike. Nikolay Apalikov’s block gave Russia set point at 28-27 and they took it 29-27 when a U.S. block went out.

Muserskiy sent a serve long to put the U.S. ahead 5-4 in the second set. Anderson pounded a spike and the U.S. had an 8-7 edge at the first TTO. Russia pulled ahead 10-9 on a spike by Ilinykh that Priddy was unable to dig. The score was even 15-15 after a U.S. service error. Russia led 16-15 at the second TTO on a block by Apalikov. A service ace by Apalikov made it 18-16 for Russia and the U.S. took a timeout. Muserskiy’s block ended a lengthy rally and gave Russia a three-point lead at 20-17. A spike by Priddy pulled the U.S. within one at 21-20. Nikolay Pavlov’s spike put the count at 23-21. Russia took the set 25-22 on a net infraction.

Anderson was unable to return a shot and Russia led 5-3 in the third set. Jeffrey Menzel served into the net and it was 8-7 for Russia. A spike by Pavlov sent Russia into the first TTO with an 8-6 margin. Russia was up 10-8 after a nice dink by Pavlov. With Russia in the lead 12-8, the U.S. took a timeout. Ilinykh’s block made it 15-8 and the outcome was appearing academic. It was 16-8 for Russia at the second TTO. Anderson fired a spike long and Russia moved ahead 18-11. Ilinykh’s spike gave Russia an eight-point advantage at 20-12 as they continued the march toward victory. Sivozhelez’s spike made it 22-16. Priddy served into the net and it was 23-18. Apalikov’s spike gave Russia match point at 24-19. Russia closed it out when Menzel sent a spike long.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
USA 39 45% 4 5 27 35% 27
Russia 35 47% 9 8 20 47% 20

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Matthew Anderson 14 10 38% 1 3 10
Dmitriy Ilinykh 13 8 44% 5 0 4


JAPAN – IRAN 0-3 (17-25 18-25 14-25)
Japan: Kondo, Koshikawa (1), Matsumoto (6), Ishijima (2), Fukuzawa (9), Yamamura (4), Nagano (L) and Shimizu (8), Imamura (1), Yokota, Yoneyama (7)
Iran: Marouflakrani (1), Zarini (16), Tashakori (10), Mahmoudi (16), Ghaemi (12), Gholami (4), Rahimi (L) and Davoodi (3), Mahdavi, Mobasheri (1)

Armin Tashakori’s spike put Iran up 5-3 in the first set. Iran led 8-4 at the first TTO following a spike by Shahram Mahmoudi. Fukuzawa botched a serve reception and Iran was on top 10-4. Yoshihiko Matsumoto made a nice dink but Japan still trailed 12-5. It was 15-6 after Kunihiro Shimizu missed a spike. Iran led 16-6 after the second TTO. Iran led 19-10 when Yuta Yoneyama connected on a spike. It was 20-13 after a reception error by Iran. A service ace by Yoneyama pulled Japan within six points at 21-15. A service ace by Mahmoudi gave Iran the set 25-17. Hamzeh Zarini had six points in the set.

Koshikawa missed a spike and Iran led 5-1 in the second set. A long rally went Iran’s way after Shimizu fired a spike wide and it was 7-2. A block by Farhad Ghaemi put Iran in front 8-2 at the first TTO. Fukuzawa cut the deficit to four at 9-5 with a soaring spike. Ghaemi smashed a spike and Iran led 11-7. A block by Matsumoto made it 12-9. Zarini’s spike put Iran up six at 15-9. Another Zarini spike gave Iran a 16-10 advantage at the second TTO. Shimizu served into the net and the Iran lead was 18-12. Yamamura sent a serve long and the score was 20-14. Another error by the host nation made it 22-15 and Japan called a timeout. Zarini’s spike put Iran two points from the set at 23-16. Yusuke Ishijima served into the net and Iran claimed the set 25-18.

A fine block by Ghaemi gave Iran a 5-4 lead in the third set. A spike by Mahmoudi put Iran ahead 8-6 at the first TTO. A block by Mahmoudi made it 10-7. Fukuzawa fired a spike long and Japan was in danger of losing contact as Iran led 12-8. Another Iran spike made it 16-10 at the second TTO. Ghaemi blasted another spike and the margin was 19-12 for Iran. An Iran serve went into the net but Japan was still down seven at 20-13. Adel Gholami’s spike took it to 21-13. Another Gholami spike it 22-14. A Japan return hit the antenna and it was match point for Iran at 24-14. Ghaemi ended it with a service ace at 25-14.

Team Stats:

Actions Spike points Spike % Block Serve Digs Rec
Japan 30 36% 4 4 22 51% 12
Iran 47 58% 11 5 24 54% 11

Team Leaders:

Actions Points Spike pts Spike % Block Ace Errors
Tatsuya Fukuzawa 9 9 41% 0 0 5
Hamzeh Zarini 16 15 63% 1 0 3


Individual Awards:
MVP: Dmitiry Muserskiy (Russia)
Best Setter: Bruno Rezende (Brazil
Best Opposite: Wallace De Souza (Brazil)
Best Outside Hitters: Filippo Lanza (Italy), Dmitriy Ilinykh (Russia)
Best Middle Blockers: Maxwell Holt (USA), Emanuele Birarelli (Italy)
Best Libero: Farhad Zarif (Iran)

Final Standings:

Rank Team Win/Loss Sets Small Points Points
1. Brazil 4/1 14-6 461-428 12
2. Russia 4/1 13-5 432-380 11
3. Ialy 2/3 12-10 498-477 9
4. Iran 3/2 10-10 439-450 7
5. USA 2/3 8-12 466-460 6
6. Japan 0/5 1-15 295-396 0