Brazilian players used shirt with the phrase "Let us play!" at the end of the Trento – Modena play-off game. In protest against new regulations of FIVB the limitation of foreigners in clubs.



FIVB protestThe first departure of the playoffs between Trentino and Modena was marked by two episodes. The first was easy victory of Trentino by 3 sets to 0. And the second was a manifestation of the Brazilian players of Modena, which showed a T-shirt at the end of the match with the phrase in Italian "Lasciateci Giocare!"(Let us play!).

The message refers to the new determination of the International Federation of Volleyball (FIVB), which limit the number of foreigners per team already from the next season, forcing that there is only two foreigners in court per team. This limitation will decrease very transactions in the international market.

Behind the scenes the athletes are making a below-signed world against the determination of the FIVB, but this was the first public demonstration of the players.