10 advice reception volleyball 

Volleyball online betting is becoming as popular as many of the other major sports. Over recent years it has begun to break out from the niche markets and now holds four major events in which punters can wager on. It’s highly entertaining to watch live, and there are both male and female teams that compete within country-specific leagues and globally.

Due to its 2 way (win or lose) rules, Volleyball betting can prove to be highly rewarding, holding high value for punters. Check out ​Betnj.com​ for more on volleyball betting. Now let’s take a closer look at how you can get involved with online volleyball betting.

Volleyball Betting Markets

Volleyball betting hosts many of the same markets as other major sports such as tennis or soccer (minus the complication of a draw outcome). The most popular markets are covered at most major online sportsbooks so you can get involved very easily.

Money Line

A money line bet refers to wagering on which team will win.


A handicap bet is available when the bookmaker levels the playing field due to one team being ranked more favorable or stronger than the other. A handicap will then be offered on the number of game sets needed for a winning bet.

Total Sets

A total set allows you to bet on how many sets a team will be over or under the bookmakers’ prediction. This type of bet is more flexible than a money line bet.

Volleyball Betting Strategy

The best advice to be a successful volleyball bettor is learning about the crucial events that take place within the sport. The bigger the event, the more value it holds for punters. The most important event for many sports is the Olympics where volleyball has been part of the lineup since 1964.

After you’ve learned the key events throughout the year, it’s time to tune in and live-bet. The main thing to consider is that the focus falls on the entire team working together. In comparison, team games like soccer or hockey are more dependent on individual players’ skills than volleyball.

Other points to consider when placing a wager is the importance of the matchup during a championship or tournament. Volleyball teams play almost back to back games in high volumes. Therefore a strong team may fall behind to regain energy during a less crucial matchup.

Why Betting on Volleyball Is More Effective Than

Mainstream Sports

The Pareto Principle suggests that less popular sports often allow punters greater opportunity for higher accuracy. Plus, they have to put far less effort into mainstream sports.

When a sport is highly popular bookmakers study and collate more information about the team. They do this to create accurate lines and odds. By doing this they make it difficult for punters to find valuable betting opportunities. With niche sports that information is not at their disposal thus allowing punters more room for higher-value betting.

Do You Dig It?

Next time you’re scrolling through the sportsbook section of your favorite online casino take a look at what’s going in volleyball. Now that you’re armed with more information on the sports, it’s time to become a master volleyball bettor. We think you’ll be quite surprised by how quickly you can pick up a win.