PGE Skra Belchatow easily overcame Fenerbahce Istanbul in pool E of the 2013 Champions League. The day before, Dinamo Moscow speedy won the ‘wild card’ receiver, Tomis Constanta, in three straight sets despite the rookies of Romania had several chances to wrong-foot the more titled opponent.

PGE Skra Belchatow – Fenerbahce Istanbul 3 – 0 (25-21, 25-14, 27-25)

PGE Skra: Woicki 4, Winiarski 10, Plinski 6, Atanasijevic 11, Wlazly 12, Kooistra 6, Zatorski (L) and Cupkovic 2, Vincic 3, Bakiewicz, Klos

Fenerbahce: Eksi, Cernic 1, Bjelica 6, Miljkovic 15, Marshall 10, Kayhan 1, Kilic (L), Hazirol (L) and Toy, Tocoglu 6, Dogan 1


The match was considered to be the most interesting this week and a duel of two Serbian opposites, who are or will be the international volleyball stars, Ivan Miljkovic and Aleksandar Atanasijevic. The brand-new Club World Championships’ bronze medalist, PGE Skra Belchatow, played against the champion of Turkey, Fenerbahce Istanbul. It was said that the game may be very stubborn. As it occurred, the predictions were totally irrelevant because Fenrerbahce was not able to equal Skra’s level in front of 12’000 Polish crowd in Atlas Arena.

Both teams started the first set well. Great block-deffence cooperation and successful counterattacks by Kooistra and Wlazly gave a lead of Skra during the first technical time-out. Then, Fenerbahce raised back playing the best part of the whole game. Daniele Bagnoli’s players even took a lead (12-13), but not for long. After effective spike of Winiarski, Skra left the court leading 16-15. After that Atanasijevic serves helped Skra to build a significant advantage, which was maintained to the end of the first set (25-21).

The second set was a pure domination of Skra Belchatow, which wormed Polish spectators up. Poles controlled all volleyball elements particularly in serving while Fenerbahce was not able to receive this serves and not able to finish any spikes even with a single block. Matej Cernic was a negative leader in attack (1/8, 13%) and he was accompanied by Arslan Eksi. The setter made platy of technical errors and he can be worry about his position in Fenerbahce after the game (25-14).

The third and as it turned out, the last set was a dual between Skra and Miljkovic. The Serbian legend was spiking over and over, but with varying degrees of success. Skra’s players could not stop him for a long time till the decisive part of the match when he was blocked and he committed several unforced mistakes (27-25).

Wlazly led PGE Skra with 12 points while Aleksandar Atanasijevic added 11 . Michal Winiarski contributed ten while Wytze Kooistra and Daniel Plinski each added six points.

Ivan Miljkovic topped Fenerbahce with a match-high 15 points and Leonel Marshall added 10.

In the duel of two Serbian opposites, the younger one was better. Although, Miljkovic scored four points more than Atanasijevic, he achieved worse efficiency in attack. Miljkovic – 39%, Atanasijevic – 53%.

After the match, the team manager of Fenerbahce said that the club is not pleased by Arslan Eksi’s disposition and he is looking for a foreign setter especially for the Champions league.


Dinamo Moscow – Tomis Constanta 3 – 0 (25-21, 28-26, 25-20)

Dinamo: Grankin 1, Poltavskiy 11, Veres 12, Shcherbinin 6, Kruglov 18, Krivets 8, Bragin (L) and Markin, Afinogenov

Tomis Constanta: Gonzalez 2, Terzic 12, Bojic 12, Spinu 2, Ojansivu 13, Laza 5, Ivanov (L) and Stancu, Bojovic


Dinamo MOSCOW of Russia cruised to a speedy 3:0 win (25-21, 28-26, and 25-20) to edge Romania’s rookie Tomis CONSTANTA and open the action in preliminary Pool E of the 2013 CEV Volleyball Champions League – Men. Some 2’000 fans were in attendance as Dinamo stood out in offense (50% of efficiency vs. 46% for Tomis) and totally demolished the Romanian side with their terrific blocks (12 vs. 4). Pavel Kruglov paced Dinamo scoring 18 points and registering a great 61% of efficiency in attack while Semen Poltavsky scored 11 playing as a receiver.
“The match was not easy as our opponents had traveled to Moscow with the ambition to cause a surprise” says head coach Yuri Cherednik. “It would be a mistake to consider Tomis simply as the underdogs of the group. We still need to work a lot to improve our play, especially in blocking and serving. Volleyball in Europe has progressed a lot and even countries like Romania can produce good sides like Tomis as we have seen tonight”.