B. Rezende was silver medalist as a player in Olympics 1984 in Los Angeles. B. Rezende gain his greater achievements as a coach. He won with the men national team of Brazil Olympics 2004, World Championships 2002 and 2006, World League 2003 – 2006, World Cup 2003 and 2005.

Brazilian national team won everything under your command. Did you ever cry in some of these great moments?

I do not remember to cry. I do remember to see some changes of reactions and attitudes of the players. For example in World League 2004. The players had taken up to stage injured Rodrigao. They bring him on their shoulders. I was also touched when the team take to a stage shirt of Enrique in Olympic Games 2004. This behavior touch me very much. I was also touched in several significant moments. Victories and defeats are part of the volleyball.  It is no difference to cry because of emotions and to cry because of frustration. I cried because of defeat Fernanda in the semifinal of Olympics  2004, but I did not cry when I lost in semifinals of Olympics 2000. I had no time to cry, I had to think about next event.

Phil Jackson, coach and multiple champion in NBA, commonly says that the moment most difficult of the life of the trainer is the next day after the conquest. Therefore is necessary to make the champion team “to be hungry” to continue in being succesful. How do you deal with this moment?
When we finish the competition I am already thinking about the other. The next day is day of preparation, to enter the losses and victories and go ahead. I am always thinking about as to make the team to evolve. Nor always this is understood, also because players think “we win, for what! this is everything”. We won World League 2004 and the next day we were training in front of the hotel because we had to go ahead. I tried to make understand this by players. The good professional is not satisfied by himself with his established limits and the conquered victories, he always want something more. It is neccesary for the player to have in his conscience that there are some things he can improve. The great leader is that one which can inspire his collaborants. It is continuous attempt to evolve individually and collectively.

If you can think as a player what would be your relationship with trainer Bernardinho?
I think it would be good. I would recognize my limited talent, I would like to train more to raise my physical condition, to define my proper limits. I think trainer is trying to make this with the players, this is not always well accepted or understood.

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