The defending champion, Trentino Diatec, achieved another victory during the Club World Championships. This time, Radostin Stoychev’s players proved to be better than Sada Cruzeiro and they guaranteed the first place in Pool A. The host, Al-Rayyan, finally scored consecutive points in the tournament, however, it is not enough to dream of semi-finals.

Trentino Diatec 3 – 2 Sada Cruzeiro

Trentino: Raphael, O. Juantorena 20, M. Tzourits 5, J. Stokr 21, M. Kaziyski 11, E. Birarelli 13, A. Bari (L), M. Colaci (L) and N. Uchikov 2, F. Lanza 1, M. Burgsthaler 3

Sada: William A., Y. Leal 12, Douglas 13, Wallace 32, M. Leal 11, F. Ferraz 11, Serginho (L) and D. Gramignoli


Three-time defending champions Trentino Diatec of Italy won an epic battle against Sada Cruzeiro of Brazil prevailing in five thrilling sets (25-23, 24-26, 26-24, 19-25, 21-19) in the decisive match for top place in Pool A of the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship in Doha, Qatar on Tuesday.

The match was admittedly the best of all during the 2012 Club World Championships. Both teams presented extremely high technical and tactical level, which was showed by effective actions and unpredictable courses of the game.

From the beginning, Trentino and Sada started an aligned fight. Juanotrena’s powerful serves were immediately answered by Wallace in the same way. Sada was trying to play a varied volleyball to cheat the high Italian block, but sometimes it delivered some inefficiency. Willian was attempting to set a first tempo, even if he does not have inconvenient balls. The defending champion showed everything what is characteristic for the team. Tall, strong, and massive wing-spikers are the key which helped Trento to collect numerous trophies, so Raphael mainly based on right or left wings actions (Trento played only 21 times by middle-blockers) and it turned out to be a proper choice. An opposite, Jan Stokr, delivered 21 for Trentino finishing 54% attacks, Juantorena added 20 points (58%) and Kaziyski provided 11 points (38%).

In Sada Cruzeiro, Wallace had a tournament-high 32 points (58% efficiency in attack), including six aces and two blocks. Yoandy Leal added 12 and Marcos Leal and Filipe Ferraz each charted 11 points.

Matteo Burgsthaler scored with a block against Wallace De Souza for the final point of the prolonged battle that lasted 2 hours and 4 minutes. Trentino led in blocks 13-8 while Sada Cruzeiro held the advantage in aces 10-6.


Al-Rayyan Doha 3 – 0 Tigers UANL

Al-Rayyan: G. Bratoev 5, S. Mendez 6, D. Lee 8,Mikko Oivanen 10, V. Bratoev 5, Rodrigao 4, S. Saad (L) and A. Asadi, M. Al-Oui 3, A. Sherwel 4, M. Waleed 7

Tigers: J. Barajas 2, J.V. Loredo 5, I. Guerrero 5, S. Cordova 6, T. Aguilera 3, J. Virgen 5, J. Rangel (L) and E. Herrera, R. Lazcano, G. Romero, O. Aguirre


Al Rayyan Sport Club of Qatar defeated Tigres de Nuevo Leon of Mexico 3-0 (25-13, 25-17, 25-18) in a match of Pool A between winless teams at the Men’s FIVB Club World Championship at the Aspire Zone Hall of Doha on Tuesday.

Mikko Oivanen led the offense of Al Rayyan with 10 points as the only player with double figures in the match. David Lee added 8 points, including three blocks and two aces, while Georgi Bratoev had four aces. Samuel Córdova finished with 6 points for Tigres.

Pool A

  1. Trentino Diatec   7 Q
  2. Sada Cruzeiro     7 Q
  3. Al.-Rayyan Doha   4
  4. Tigers UANL          0


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