All bookmakers’ predictions have turned up in the reality. Sada Cruzeiro claimed gold medal of the Men’s Club World Championships played at the native ground of Brazilians in Betim. Sada surprisingly easy defeated Lokomotiv Novosibirsk organising a real and straight volleyball cannonade for the Russians.This success of Sada is historical because the first not Italian win among best world clubs contest. The bronze medal went to previous monopolists of the tournament of Trentino Diatec that beat Argentineans from UPCN San Juan.




Lokomotiv Novosibirsk – Sada Cruzeiro 0:3 (20-25, 19-25, 20-25)
Lokomotiv: Butko 2, Divis 8, Astashenkov 2, Moroz 6, Camejo 5, Volvich 3, Golubev (L) and Leonenko 2, Mysin 1, Zubkov, Zhilin
Sada: William 1, Ferraz 5, Issac 1, Wallace 12, Leal 13, Eder 10, Serginho (L) and Douglas 11

Eder Carbonara helped Sada Cruzeiro to 8-6 and 16-14 advantages at the TTO of the first set despite their 10 unforced errors up to that point. Yoandy Leal blocked Pavel Moroz for the three-point advantage at 17-14 and then served one big ace. What was a close set turned open and Sada won 25-20 with setter William Arjona scoring with a spike down the middle to close a long exchange.

Leal, Eder and Wallace each scored five points. Lukas Divis scored the first two points of the second set but Sada tied with the spike by Leal and one volley mistake by Oreol Camejo. At 6-6 following one incredible save by libero Sergio Nogueira, Filipe Ferraz blocked Pavel Moroz and the partisan crowd went crazy. They went even crazier when Eder blocked Volvich for the 8-6 advantage. Sada expanded the distance to 14-10 following huge spikes by Leal and Wallace. Sada led 16-11 at the second TTO. It was like a volleyball clinic and Sada took the set 25-19.

Divis gave Lokomotiv a 7-5 lead in the third set with two big kills while Sada committed a pair of errors by Leal and Wallace. The home team tied at 7-7 with the block by Eder against 5 and the terrific spike by Leal. Lokomotiv led 8-7. Three violent serves by Leal converted into aces and Sada Cruzeiro built a five-point lead going to the second TTO. Lokomotiv reduced the gap to 17-14 but Sada reacted to recover following another spectacular save by Serginho. The match closed at 25-20 when Moroz’s serve went out of bounds.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReceptionDigsErrors


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrors
Pavel Moroz6640%4008




Bronze Medal Match

Trentino Diatec – UPCN San Juan 3:1 (25-22, 22-25, 25-21, 25-19)
Trentino: Suxho, Ferreira 8, Sole 11, Sokolov 20, Lanza 16, Birarelli 12, Colaci (L) and Fedrizzi 13, Sintini, Burgsthaler
UPCN: Gonzalez 1, Filardi 5, Santos 8, Lopes 18, Olteanu 8, Ramos 10, Garrocq (L) and Molina, Tell 1, Lazo 1

UPCN led 8-6 thanks mainly to the spike and ace by Theo Lopes. The Argentinean club increased to 12-8 behind the spike by Lopes and block by Alexandru Olteanu against Tsvetan Sokolov.  Trentino cut the distance to 12-10 when Alexandre Ferreira combined spike and ace. UPCN led 16-15. Back into action, Sokolov and Filippo Lanza scored consecutive spikes giving the advantage to Trentino 17-16. With the score evened at 22, Ferreira landed his spike and Sokolov blocked Olteanu. Lopes’ attempt sailed long and Trentino took the set 25-23.

UPCN was in front 8-7 in the second set. Two consecutive blocks by Sole against Ramos and Theo gave Trentino the slight margin 10-9. UPCN came back to regain the lead at 13-10 thanks to attack and block by Ramos combined with two opponent errors. They were in front 16-14 at the second TTO. At 20-18 Ramos scored with spike and ace to seal the set. UPCN won it 25-23 despite the Trentino reaction led by Lanza.

Michele Fedrizzi broke a tie at 7-7 giving Trentino the small advantage at first TTO of the third set. At 13-13, Sokolov scored with a soft spike and then Theo and Olteanu missed with their spikes to give Trentino the advantage 16-13 at the second TTO. The Italian based team won the third set 25-21 thanks to the attacks by Lanza and Fedrizzi around a block by Sole against Nicolas Lazo.

UPCN led 8-7 in the fourth with the good blocking by Ramos and Santos. Trentino evened at 8 with the attack by Sokolov and later took the lead 12-10 with two spikes by Fedrizzi. The Italian club as in front in the score 16-14 at the second TTO. They never looked back and took the set 25-19 with Sokolov’s hot arm in the latter stages.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeReceptionDigsErrors


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrors
Tsvetan Sokolov201858%61111


Final Ranking

  1. Sada Cruzeiro (Brazil)
  2. Lokomotiv Novosibirsk (Russia)
  3. Trentino Diatec (Italy)
  4. UPCN San Juan (Argentina)
  5. Panasonic Panthers (Japan)
  6. Club Sportif Sfaxien (Tunisia)
  7. Kal-Kalleh (Iran)
  8. La Romana (Domican Republic)


All Star Team:

MVP: Wallace

Setter: William (Sada Cruzeiro)
Outside-hitters: Joandry Leal (Sada Cruzeiro), Lukas Divis (Lokomotiv Novosibirsk)
Middle-Blockers: Emanuele Birarelli (Trentino Diatec), Matteo Burgsthaler (Trentino Diatec)
Opposite: Tsvetan Sokolov (Trentino Diatec)
Libero: Serginho (Sada Cruzeiro)