Another perfect game of Bram Van Den Dries carried Belgium on the winning track against Denmark as well as at least the play-off round or quarterfinal of the EuroVolley 2013. “Yellow Lions” have already collected six points and are going to stand in front of Italy tomorrow on the decisive fight for the first place on Pool A and direct advance to the bunch of 8 top teams in Europe. “Azzurri” also confirmed great shape beating Belarus in spite of interior physical troubles.



Belgium – Denmark  3 – 1 (23-25, 25-23, 25-16, 28-26)

Belgium: Depestele 4, Deroo 14, Van De Voorde 11, Van Den Dries 28, Verhanneman 10, Verhees 12, Dejonckheere (L) and Verschueren, Tuerlinckx 1, Klinkenberg 1
Denmark: Jacobsen 3, Knudsen 9, Sorensen 7, Ditlevsen 25, Jensen 10, Gade 10, Mikelsons (L) and Verming, Bonnesen, Christiansen
Belgium had the lead all the way in the first set (8-6 and 16-11) but Denmark, still high after a great opening match against Italy, clawed their way back into the set and at 22-20 Belgian head coach Dominique Baeyens called a time-out to get his team back on track. No help as Denmark evened the score at 23-23 and won their first ever set in the group stage of a European Championship 25-23.

The second set was close from the beginning to the end. The Danish serve was a lot better than in the first set, whereas Belgium’s halted a bit. 8-6 to Belgium at the first technical time-out and still close 16-14 at the second. As Danish opposite Mads Ditlevsen made one of his 25 points for the 21-23, Baeyens called a time-out. Ditlevsen aced his way to 23-23 and another timeout from Baeyens helped his team cruise to a 25-23 set win.

At the beginning of the third set the otherwise lively crowd went quiet, as Ditlevsen seemed injured. But the strong opposite kept on playing and kept on scoring. Danish head coach Fred Sturm called a needed time-out while his guys were trailing 6-10. He did not get the wished effect as Belgium increased their lead to 16-10 at the second time-out with good help from a strong serve and the Red Dragons closed the set 25-16.   

Denmark came out stronger than ever before in the fourth set. The home side was in front 8-6 and 16-12 with good help from a couple of aces from the thunder hand of Ditlevsen. Denmark had three set points at 24-21, but Belgium showed coolness and won the set 28-26 securing a 3-1 win.

Team Stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec. Pos.Rec. ExcErrors


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrors
Bram Ven Den Dries282460%4227
Mads Ditlevsen251946%4156


Press Conference:

Kristian Knudsen, captain of Denmark, said: “We have a bittersweet taste in our mouth after this match. On the one side I am very disappointed having lost a match where we had three chances of securing at least one point. But on the other hand I am so proud of the guys, their attitude and the high level of our performance. We played strong and smart and proved that we deserve to be in a European Championship. Now we have to erase this loss and focus 100 percent on the match against Belarus tomorrow”.

Dominique Baeyens, head coach of Belgium: “Every match starts at 0-0. We never thought that playing Denmark would be easy. They played very strong and have developed a lot during this season and from the time we met them in the European League. I am really pleased with my team and that they show that they can turn things around when they are under pressure. I promise that we will play our best against Italy tomorrow”.

euro sign

Belarus  – Italy 1 – 3 (25-21, 13-25, 21-25, 17-25)

Belarus: Haramykin 1, Antanovich 6, Buesl 11, Audoachanka 10, Akhrem 9, Venski 2, Likhard (L) and Mikanovich 2, Marozau 5, Radziuk 5, Charpovich 1, Kurash 2
Italy: Travica 2, Parodi 16, Piano 9, Zaytsev 16, Kovar 16, Beretta 9, Rossini (L) and Giovi, Vettori 1, Birarelli, Mazzone 2

A trio, ZaytsevParodiKovar, led Italy to the consecutive victory at EuroVolley. All these players contributed 16 points for Itlay, which helped in disposing of Belarus in four sets game.   

Belarus – this time dressed in green – got a good start setting the pace of the game at the first technical time-out (8:7). Italy got the slimmest margin halfway through the set before their opponents showed the quality that had secured their country a first appearance in the final round of the European Championship to wrap it up at 25-21 for the provisional 1:0 lead.

Berruto was visibly unhappy with the performance of his players and did shake his guys before the start of the second set. They responded well going up 8:4 and 16:11 at the first and second mandatory break before cruising to a comfortable 25-13 to draw level in sets. 

Italy’s middle blockers did a very good job in the third set as Matteo Piano and Thomas Beretta stopped the Belarusian spikers; Italy was well orchestrated by their setter Dragan Travica and after setting the pace right from the start (8:6) could finish it off at 25-21.

In the fourth set the players from Belarus did show their lack of experience in major international competitions, quickly trailed 5:8 and 10:16 and even though they could score some more points, Italy closed it at 25-17 for a 3:1 victory.

Team stats:

ActionSpike pointsSpike %BlockServeRec. Pos.Rec. ExcErrors


Team Leaders:

ActionPointsSpike PointsSpike %Spike errorsBlockServeErrors
Aleh Akhrem9833%3105
Ivan Zaytsev161547%5107


Press Conference:

Ivan Zaytsev top scored in the end with 16 points (as many as those registered by Jiri Kovar and Simone Parodi) and Berruto was evidently happy with his protégé: “We are lucky that he is playing for our team. Today he played a great game. Similarly to our match with Denmark we caught a slow start but finally we woke up and performed well. Belarus showed a good attitude and made things not that easy for us. We have to focus on tomorrow’s game with Belgium for our next opponents look really strong”.

“We tried our best but Italy was simply better” said Belarus mentor Victor Sidelnikov. “I think we played well in the first set where we displayed a great effort. We are very happy for we play at the European Championship for the first time. Today I made a lot of changes because I want all of my players to have the opportunity to play against a world-class team like Italy. This is the experience of a lifetime for my guys”.