Tatiana Kosheleva of Russia was considered the most valuable player (MVP) of the CEV European Championships played on the courts in Switzerland and Germany. Moreover, CEV dignitaries awarded seven other players and the head-coach of Belgium, Gert Vande Borke, who received the Fair Play Prize.



EuroVolley 2013 awards:

MVP: Tatiana Kosheleva (Russia)
Best Scorer: Lise Van Hecke (Belgium) [114 points, 19/m]
Best Spiker: Jovana Brakocević (Serbia) [42% of efficiency]
Best Blocker: Christiane Fürst (Germany) [22 points, 3.6/m]
Best Server: Margareta Kozuch (Germany) [12 aces, 2.0/m]
Best Libero: Valerie Courtois (Belgium)
Best Digger: Suzana Cebić (Serbia)
Best Setter: Ekaterina Pankova (Russia)
Fair Play Award: Gert Vande Broek (Head-coach of Belgium)

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