The match between FC Tokyo and Panasonic Panthers is no doubt going to be a cracking encounter as FC Tokyo may seek revenge after they were beaten by the Panthers in early November. The Panthers currently sits top of the Japanese volleyball league and super favourite to come away with another win against a side that have lost their last three games and sit 9th on the league standings.

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If you’re a bettor and you’d love to bet on volleyball, here are few things to consider before betting on volleyball.

Ranking: This is a very important factor and should not be overlooked. Like in any other sports, betting on the best teams even if the odds may not be much is always a safe betting option. Bet on teams with capabilities and not on the teams with the greatest odd.

The schedule: you need to be well informed about any recent change in a team before putting your money on that team. This will help you determine the strength of that team, but in the case where the star player of the team suddenly gets injured and will not play in the match, betting on the team may no longer be a good idea.

The location: A team is said to be stronger on their home ground, so betting on an away team may be a risky move except the away team is extremely good. My advice? To be on a safe side, always put your money on a team playing at home.

Motivation factor: bet on teams with a bigger motivation to win matches. for instance, a team is on top of the league with few games to play before the end of the league season, that team will be much more motivated to win games than any other team in the league because they are chasing the ultimate price.

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