Tehran held recently a big volleyball festival in order to promote and develop volleyball in the country. The activities were organized by the Iran Volleyball Federation in cooperation with Tehran municipality.


Big Volleyball festival of Tehran parishes was opened by the general physical education office of Tehran municipality, and the opening ceremony was held in volleyball hall of the volleyball federation.

Present at this gathering were Mehdi Chamran, the president of Islamic council of the municipality, Ajorlou director of physical Education department of municipality and Mohammad Reza Davarzani the president of Volleyball federation. Representatives of 352 teams consisting of 5000 volleyball players marched in this ceremony. The festival is held in 22 districts of Tehran and a volleyball championship will start. 16 teams will participate from each parish, and the competitions were divided into Youth , Junior and seniors level. At the end of these games, the teams placed first will ascend to the final stage.

In this festival, 30 national and first referees along with youth national boy's team participated. At the end of this rivalry the elected players would start their activity under supervision of Volleyball federation in 22 districts.

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